The gaming industry has undergone tremendous growth in recent years.While avid gamers may be aware of everything the hobby has to offer, many people out there have never played a video game. But is it a good idea to introduce a newcomer to gaming, and how should you go about doing so?

Why introduce people to gaming?

There are many reasons why someone may wish to introduce another person to the world of gaming. Many people look down on gaming,and avid gamers want to show them that it is far more than just violent role-play and that gaming is about making choices, coping, experiencing, and exploring.

There are many reasons why people game. Some play just to pass their spare time, while others choose tosocialize with their friends by playing online.Others want to experience new things and new emotions,while others may wish to just get away from it all for a while into a virtual life. 

Introducing someone new to the hobby can allow them to enjoy a new pastime and find their own reasons to get involved. To successfully convert a newcomer into a gamer, you need to understand why they would need or want to have games in their lives, what gaming can offer them, and the capability of the games,of which these newcomers may be completely oblivious. 

Entertainment preferences

One way to get a good idea of which games would be best to introduce a newcomer to gaming is to look at their other entertainment preferences.If someone enjoys playing at real-life casinos, they will probably enjoy online casinos, so conduct a casino bonus search to find a reputable site that will give them free spins or cash when they start playing.

Even if they are not gamers, most people will probably have favorite movies, TV shows, or books and a favorite genre within those forms of entertainment.

If someone enjoys science fiction and fantasy, or horror and thrillers, those preferences will likely also carry over into the type of games they would enjoy. The games on the market today already match so many genres, including drama, action, crime, and mystery. Believe it or not, there are even games that would suit the romantics out there. 

The personal touch

The better you know someone, the more likely you will be able to choose an introductory gaming experience that will suit their personality and interests. Some people will never be suited to sprawling open-world games and prefer their games to be short and sweet, while others will be the opposite. 

It can be a tough challenge to introduce someone to a new game, particularly a complete gaming newcomer, but understanding their existing taste in entertainment as well as your own reasons for wanting to introduce them to gaming – perhaps you want to introduce a friend or significant other to gaming, so you have more in common and more ways to spend time with each other. 

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