For those who want the best in diamond jewellery, there are many reasons to purchase lab diamonds. They are completely ethically sourced and conflict-free, and have the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a natural diamond. Furthermore, they are easier to clean and maintain than natural diamonds, making them the ideal choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and other precious stones. This article explains how lab diamonds work, and how to choose the perfect one for you.

Made from carbon

A lab diamond is made from a carbon seed from a pre-existing diamond. It is formed using advanced technology that closely resembles the natural formation of a diamond. Because they are synthetically produced, the trace element makeup is different from their natural counterparts, making them harder to differentiate. However, you should always note that lab diamonds are more expensive than their mined counterparts, so it is best to choose the one with the lower price if you are on a budget.

Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are completely natural. They are made in a laboratory using high-quality materials and the latest technology. A low-pressure microwave chamber pumped with energy causes a plasma ball to form. The carbon molecules rain down on the seed, layering on top of each other. The process is fast, and the finished diamond is ready for cutting by a master gem cutter. Afterwards, the diamond undergoes the same processing steps as mined ones, including the polishing, grading, and insurance.

Choose lab grown diamonds

If you want to purchase a diamond from a reputable jeweller in Sydney, consider lab-grown diamonds. They are completely identical to mined diamonds, and their optical qualities are the same. Even a gemologist will find it difficult to distinguish between the two, as they need ultraviolet light to examine the nitrogen clusters. Another great benefit of lab-grown diamonds is the low price compared to mined diamonds.

Reach online

While lab diamonds are undoubtedly more affordable, they still look very similar to mined diamonds. In fact, they have the same optical properties and chemical composition, and they are often cheaper. Since they are created in a lab, they are also ethically sourced and certified. The best way to find a lab-grown diamond is to research it online. This will help you make the right decision. If you are not sure about whether to buy a lab-grown diamond, it is worth visiting a jeweller in your city and looking for information.

While lab grown diamonds Syd are the best alternative to natural diamonds, there are still some advantages to lab grown diamonds as well. These diamonds are made in the same way as their natural counterparts, and their resemblance makes them identical to each other. While natural diamonds are the best choice for engagement rings, they are often not the best choice if you are looking for a more affordable option. A better alternative is a synthetic diamond.


In Sydney, lab grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. These gemstones are often regarded as ‘real’ when they were formed underground. In fact, they are not as costly as mined diamonds, and therefore are more affordable. The biggest difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is the inclusions. The former may contain a different number of inclusions than the latter. In addition, a lab-grown diamond will not exhibit fluorescence, whereas a naturally-formed diamond will.

The price of a lab grown diamond is typically half the cost of a natural diamond. Due to the high quality, this diamond is also more durable than the natural one. Additionally, it does not have any trace of a diamond’s chemical structure. The differences between a natural diamond and a lab grown one are not only more visible, but also easier to understand. During its formation, it is possible to distinguish between a natural and a fake one.

In Final:

Lab grown diamonds Sydney are an excellent alternative to natural diamonds. They are grown in a laboratory under precise conditions and are priced significantly less than their direct competitors. The biggest advantage of lab grown diamonds is that they are more durable and cost less than their natural counterpart. If you have a tight budget, you may be able to afford the luxury of a real diamond. If you do not want to purchase a genuine diamond, you can also purchase synthetic diamonds in Sydney.

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