While many consumers confuse white sapphires with diamonds, the truth is that the two stones have different properties. Although both stones are clear and have the same hardness rating, their characteristics are different enough to make a big difference in your decision. Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, it is important to know the differences between diamond vs white sapphires.


A natural white sapphire may be blue in color, but a lab created stone is virtually colorless and will not show any sign of wear or tear. VS white sapphires are also cheaper, but don’t get a diamond for that price. While the color is undetectable, the clarity is superior. Unlike diamonds, these gems are resistant to chipping and scratching.

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While a white sapphire looks similar to a diamond, it is cheaper than its coloured counterparts. Moreover, these stones do not have the sparkle that diamonds have, and they appear cloudy on the inside. If you are looking for a ring that will stand out, the better choice is a moissanite. You can also find VS white sapphire rings on the Internet, which can provide you with even more choices and make the process a lot faster.


Considering the fact that sapphires are much harder than diamonds, you will be able to notice the difference when you look at them side by side. When it comes to the color, VS white sapphires will stand out more, but a diamond is still the most popular choice for your next engagement ring. However, if you want to avoid spending too much on an engagement ring, then white sapphires are the way to go.


When it comes to the clarity of the stones, there is no real comparison between these two. The biggest difference between the two is the sparkle, and diamonds are clearer and more brilliant. As a result, a sapphire has more sparkle and scintillation than a white sapphire. It is worth a little more money, but it will still be beautiful in your hand.

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White sapphires can be very beautiful. However, they don’t have the optical qualities of diamonds. Because they have a lower hardness rating, they can be scratched and abraded more easily. Compared to diamonds, white sapphires require more frequent cleanings, because they tend to show dirt and buildup more easily. So, make sure to take care of your sapphires with a polishing cloth, and don’t forget to clean your jewelry on a regular basis!


There are differences in price between white sapphires and diamonds, and they are not inherently better or worse for the environment. They have the same hardness and are more expensive, but white sapphires are more difficult to responsibly source. For this reason, VS white sapphirs are a better value than a white diamond, which is considered to be a more expensive gemstone.

The first difference between sapphires and diamonds is in color. A sapphire has a high Mohs hardness, which makes it the hardest mineral known to man. It is a perfect substitute for a diamond in a ring or on an engagement ring. The color of a sapphire is not the same as a diamond, so you need to know its quality before you buy it.

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Optical qualities

Although white sapphires resemble diamonds, they are not as pure. While they are a beautiful gemstone, they do not have the same optical qualities as diamonds. They are less clear than diamonds and need more cleanings. They tend to show dirt and soap residue, which can tarnish and dull the color of a stone. VS white sapphires can be a good option if you are looking for a diamond in a ring.

Final Step:

White sapphires are graded based on their appearance. The brightest of them is AAA, which is the highest quality. The next category is A and VS. The A grade indicates that a sapphire is translucent and may not have a high resale value. The VS grade is the best option if you are buying an engagement ring for your loved one. Even you can know about lab diamond vs natural.

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