Do you want to buy or sell a huge amount of Bitcoin? 

Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to buy massive crypto trades without disrupting the market? 

It’s never been easier to buy and sell cryptocurrency in UAE. With the proliferation of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, you may buy your first Bitcoin via an OTC platform quickly and easily using a variety of payment options. 

Over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading is gaining popularity around the world. Here’s how it works, who the primary players are, and what benefits this type of trading holds. 

The Magnitude of Over-The-Counter Crypto Market 

As per the analysts, in April 2018, the daily OTC market was worth between $250 million and $30 billion. In comparison, crypto exchanges handle roughly $15 billion per day. 

The reported quantities are all over the place. In April 2021, OTC volumes were three times those of exchanges. The OTC crypto market is worth $12 billion per day. That’s huge! 

Trading on a traditional crypto exchange, on the other hand, may not be the best option if you need to buy or sell large sum of bitcoin. 

OTC trading desk is undoubtedly one of the greatest solutions for traders searching for quick and fast settlements for large transactions. As mentioned earlier, traders can use this service to execute large orders without having to go via the public order books or pay extra fees or exchange commissions.  

Furthermore, the market price of the relevant cryptos will be unaffected by these transactions. OTC crypto platform offers a diverse range of trading pairs for the convenience of traders. 

Why Is It a Good Idea to Trade Via OTC Cryptocurrency Platform 

Liquidity on bitcoin exchanges is sometimes low or erratic, making large-scale transactions challenging. If a large buy or sell order comes on the order book of a centralized exchange, it is unlikely to be filled at the required price right away.  

Price slippage is an unpleasant situation in which one order is divided up into smaller orders at different prices. By linking buyers and sellers through their specialized networks at a mutually agreed-upon fixed price, OTC brokers prevent slippage and provide liquidity to cryptocurrency marketplaces. 

Due to order limits or the lack of fiat on-ramps, centralized exchanges make it impossible to trade big sums. OTC desks allow buyers and sellers to customize direct deals without the constraints that exchanges impose. 

What’s My Best Option for Cryptocurrency Trading in Dubai? 

If you want to acquire or sell a lot of Bitcoins, you’ll need to take a different strategy. Stop using a typical crypto exchange to place massive limit orders; it will surely result in large wicks on the charts, which will alert other traders. 

Instead, use one of these OTC crypto exchange platform to execute massive crypto block trades, allowing you to finish your transaction at the best available price with just one single buy order.  

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