Memes are images with text sent by viruses that often make sharp comments on cultural symbols, social ideas, or current events. Memes are usually photos or videos, but they can also be blocks of text. When memes resonate with many people, they spread through social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS. The more memes spread, the greater the cultural influence. The following details what meme are, different types of meme, and some meme examples;

Etymology of memes

Memes are almost entirely dependent on the advent of the Internet. On the Internet, content can be shared globally in unprecedented times. The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, but when Dawkins talked about the evolution of human society, the background was completely different. Today’s memes represent a completely different form of evolution, the ability to communicate. Perhaps the first meme, or at least the meme that was easy to remember, was a 3D animation of a dancing baby. It was called “Baby Cha-cha” and was all the rage in 1996. Little was known at the time, but this was the beginning of the phenomenon.

In the decade of the 2000s, meme images became popular, but email links to songs and funny clips were also popular. Thanks to platforms such as 4Chan, Tumbler and later Reddit, the image meme format has been successful. Users find that memes are an effective way to communicate with people with similar interests and experiences.

Why are memes effective?

Memes are effective because they are very simple, but they can attract the emotions of the audience. It does not require a lot of graphics, or even a lot of editing. Simple images or short videos with subtitles are considered memes.

Memes can be used in sports, television shows, and community-focused communities. By successfully quoting moments related to the next person or community, they can interact with the audience and rely on a small amount of simple laughs and comments every day.

Therefore, memes are important agents for freelancers, entrepreneurs, businesses, pages, forums, and growth followers that may be used by many others. Creating memes is a trivial task, as platforms like Cursed Meme can use multiple templates provided to generate memes containing images and videos in les plus than a second.

What’s on the meme?

What a meme is another complication, as the category is also not properly defined. What emoji you should use depends on several factors and variables listed for you below.

What’s hot is a meme. It’s probably a good idea to engage your audience with the most accessible meme at any given time. Also, trending hashtags can be used when they are most likely to bring more traction. Know your audience. Depending on the demographics of the viewer, their social and political beliefs, etc., this could hint at what TV shows the viewer is following, and this information can be used to engage viewers for meme content. You can create it. What does a meme mean to you? Comedy is a very vulnerable space if you don’t know what you are doing. Therefore, in order to create a meme, it is important to choose a topic that you really understand and participate in yourself. If this is not the case, it may create a substandard meme that not only does not cause a fire, but also exposes unreality in front of followers.

Types of memes

Memes are a global social phenomenon. The more memes that resonate with people the more they share and spread farther. Memes are usually interesting, but this kind of humor is usually infused with satirical political or social commentary. Sometimes there are memes that influence values ​​or teach life lessons. Also, a single photo or short video can generate hundreds of hilarious explanations. Sometimes a meme is only taken seriously by a select group of people; sometimes a meme has almost universal appeal. To better understand the breadth and scope of these viral statements, let’s take a look at some popular Cursed memes categories and examples.

General Humor Memes

Popular memes are often funny, ranging from absurd humor to niche humor to sharper political humor. Children, parenting, pets, and everyday life provide endless meme material. Interesting images often stimulate many memes; much like this solid-looking toddler clenches his fist. The emoji above mimics our determination to make the final positive change on New Year’s Eve. The same image represents our satisfaction and victory in the face of unexpected wind and rain.

Dark humorous meme

Some memes have a good sense of humor. These memes use darker themes, such as providing opinions, discussing with others, taking a provocative position, and the aforementioned memes using unfortunate titles.

Social meme

Social comments color many memes that cover topics such as drinking, which is a very popular topic on the Internet.

Conversational Memes

In some cases, memes are notorious as a form of dialogue as shown in the example above, the phrase “Meanwhile in…” creates many memes to indicate that you live elsewhere.

Other dialogue memes include:

  • Who are you? Memes
  • Fire launch meme
  • Are you angry? Memes
  • Buzzword memes

World Events Emoji Pack

World events provide endless feeds of Meme templates, sometimes pointed out, sometimes stupid, and sometimes painful humor. Like the memes above, the use of black humor from shared experiences in times of social isolation has produced thousands of memes.

The last word

Memes are ubiquitous and it is important to understand some (if not all) of them because memes are a form of contemporary art that unfolds before us in real-time, perhaps social, political, or just entertainment.

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