The process of separating YouTube facts from the long list of YouTube misconceptions is our goal here. We’ve all fallen victim of being enticed by YouTube myths at one time or another. It’s time to separate fact from fiction in order to keep in the right direction.

Believing in YouTube myths can cause you to perform a number of ridiculous actions. It is possible to create just hour-long videos or even snippets of 30 seconds. If we didn’t know the best practices and what doesn’t work, we’d just try every method we’ve ever heard of or have heard about. While you’d waste time and money as well as sleep but they will not make a difference to your business. Find out what you can about and investigate a myth whenever you find one.

To avoid wasting time, let’s get in YouTube algorithm misinformation and myths. However, first, you must know what is the YouTube algorithm will be.

How do you know what is the YouTube algorithm?

Anybody who’s spent a significant quantity of time online has heard the term algorithm. It is used in the context of various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Simply put it is that YouTube’s algorithm YouTube algorithm functions as a complicated recommendation system that determines which videos to suggest to each of the two billion plus YouTube viewers.

What is the way that the YouTube algorithm function?

YouTube algorithm YouTube algorithm has developed a lot since its introduction in 2005. In 2005 the algorithm was relatively easy to work out, compared to today. It was not just the amount of views was important to this old algorithm. The videos that had the highest quantity of views were more frequently recommended. It was working until clickbait video appeared onto the internet. They can attract millions of likes however they aren’t adding any significant worth to the lives of viewers.

To address this issue, YouTube integrated watch time metrics to combat this issue, YouTube incorporated watch time metrics into its algorithm. The algorithm prefers watching the video. This is because most viewers would not be able to complete watching a video that was clickbait after they understand the purpose of it. But, they’d spend longer watching a worthwhile video.

The current YouTube algorithm employs deep learning to anticipate and assess a person’s interest. By analyzing this data it can make suggestions for videos. The algorithm will not only suggest videos similar to the ones we typically watch, but also suggest other videos that we might like in light of our previous actions. In short the YouTube algorithm has evolved to become more sophisticated and more individual. It is different for each user and focuses on our particular areas of interest.

Naturally, it can be more complicated to work out this complicated and sophisticated algorithm. This is one of the main reasons many people are prone to falling for YouTube misconceptions. Because they don’t have an knowledge about the YouTube algorithm and its algorithms, they trust in false assertions that appear simple to implement.

Let’s discover what are the most popular YouTube algorithm myths and expose the facts about these myths. If you’ve been a victim of some or all of the myths now is the time to get educated.

Myth 1. YouTube algorithm favors longer video

The root of this legend lies in the fact at some time the YouTube algorithm changed from counting total views to the watch time as the primary measure to recommend videos. A few content creators thought that because the watch time was the main measurement, a more long video would boost their popularity. This is far from the reality.

You can create YouTube videos for as long as you like however they will not be a positive influence for your YouTube channel when users don’t watch them. You can certainly stretch an fifteen-minute video into thirty minutes however, does it actually bring value to your viewers? The majority of people choose a shorter video when they’re working.

However, certain subjects need more time over others. It’s impossible to talk about complicated topics in less than five minutes. If you are using YouTube for business purposes, you may require longer videos in order to present products and services. In such cases it’s perfectly acceptable to create videos for as long as you like.

The trick is not to get caught up in either of these myths. Do not make your video shorter or longer simply for the sake of it. Give each video the time it deserves and deserves. YouTube rewards you based on the value that viewers receive from your content and not based on length.

Myth 2. There’s a one algorithm that is unified and unifying algorithm

Popular culture makes a reference of an algorithm like the YouTube algorithm is often made with the intention of suggesting an unifying body that controls all things in YouTube. The reality is quite different.

Imagine YouTube’s YouTube algorithm in terms of a complicated network of algorithmic elements that continuously interact with one another. There is no single algorithm. There are many comments that go in the form of “The algorithm has brought us all together’. The message that is conveyed by such comments is incorrect. Each user has their own recommendation system with distinct video suggestions. There isn’t a single recommendation method that is suitable for every user. YouTube engagement differs for each user, so the algorithm is based on that.

As an content creator as a content creator, you will usually prefer to target a certain segment of people. Even if you don’t, you’d like a standard method that would serve all users. But, it isn’t possible to ensure your video is highly recommended to your entire intended audience by with the same approach. The algorithm is different for each user.

The trick is to not be concerned about every single person who views your channel. Concentrate on the general development of your channel then the algorithm will benefit you. If your content is able to keep the attention of people then they’ll be frequently recommended.

Myth 3: High-resolution videos get more traffic

Although it is true that your video will affect the extent to which your public likes it but it is not any specific requirements. You can, for instance, make stunning videos using cameras that aren’t expensive or offer a poor cinematographer an amazing camera. The quality of your videos doesn’t have much to do with the frequency that YouTube suggests it. The quality of the overall video, however can influence the growth of your channel. It all comes down to your own personal abilities at the end. If you’re able to make magic with cameras that are basic then the algorithm will not hinder you.

It is important to understand this YouTube can be a dual channel. If you’re creating an HD 1080p video your viewers should also have the ability to watch it in full-resolution. However, this isn’t the case in the majority of instances. The majority of people watch high-resolution video in low-resolution mode. When you look at it from the perspective of the viewer there’s no reason to the recommendation of high-resolution video to viewers who are primarily using YouTube to relax.

If you’re worried about the resolution of your videos concentrate on the quality of them instead. If the video is created properly, more viewers will be interested in it, as well. The algorithm rewards you through itself.

Myth 4: You cannot be successful with just a tiny amount of subscribers

If you want to be successful over the long term and you want to be successful in the long run, then you will require a large amount of subscribers to succeed. On an overall scale, the quality of your video content doesn’t depend on the number of subscribers they have.

YouTube analyses and reviews each video as an independent entity. It is among the benefits of the YouTube algorithm that it does not penalize you for having a very few subscribers. If your videos are popular and are gaining popularity, they will continue to be successful even with only a few subscribers.

If you are looking for long-term success, then you have not need a huge subscriber base. Subscribers determine the success of every YouTube channel. But, this doesn’t mean that you have a huge number of subscribers but don’t create any high-quality content to attract them. The subscriptions you receive won’t bring anything to the value of your website.

The best way to do this is to keep an appropriate balance. If you think that you don’t have enough subscribers it is possible to buy YouTube subscribers from trusted sources. In spite of or even without subscribers good quality content is vital to grow your YouTube channel.

Myth 5: Hashtags don’t matter

If you’re using hashtags improperly, they’ll have no impact. However, if you’re aware of how to utilize hashtags correctly, they will assist in increasing impact.

Hashtags can also be a straightforward and effective method to organize your videos. If someone visits your channel, they’ll discover a neatly organized channel and will be amazed. They can also increase traffic if used properly. The trick is to select appropriate hashtags without overloading them. Many YouTubers overfill their metadata and titles with hashtags. If hashtags aren’t directly related to the content you post they can do more harm than good.


It is clear following the report, YouTube can be a complex maze. The complex nature of the platform could make content creators confused. This is the main reason why numerous successful YouTubers are seeking experts to help them grow their channels.

If you’re looking for assistance with every aspect or aspect of your YouTube channel and/or videos, check out SubPals. With SubPals you can get everything you need. Not only will you receive products and services but also tips on how you can grow your YouTube channel. With a little help from a professional and dedication your channel’s popularity will explode within a matter of minutes.

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