Competitive exams are mainly conducted for testing the candidates’ speed and accuracy. A question needs to be completed in proper time and it is to be answered properly. Only then,the exams can be cracked efficiently. There is no shortcut to success. We need to do smartwork and hard work according to the time and situations. There are some tips to increase speed in competitive exams. In order to win a competition, we should have strategies and plans. In competitive exams, one of the main strategies is time management, which mainly controls and calculates speed and time. Let us look into the main tips and tricks which can save you plenty of time in competitive exams.  

Calculation is the key 

Calculation is the key step in managing your time and speed in competitive exams. Know the basic calculations very well. Sometimes, even the brighter students and math geeks may make mistakes in simple arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. They might seem so simple and therefore candidates may not give much importance to this section. But, in fact, this section is often underestimated and many marks are lost in this section due to carelessness and hurrying. Therefore, practice doing calculations everyday so that you will get used to doing problems with much ease in less time.   

Mind Mathematics 

When writing a competitive exam, we don’t have time to think for a long time and then answer the question. We will only get a limited amount of time for thinking and answering the question. Therefore, it will be really helpful if  the candidates improve their mental mathematical skills. You can ask help from the experts to make yourself equipped with all of the tips and tricks to perform mental mathematics easier. It needs patience, practice and immense dedication from the candidates to gain confidence and perform well in mental mathematics. You can perform really complicated calculations in your mind once you are trained enough. 

Practice discipline  

Discipline not only helps you to excel in life, but also to crack exams. When you work out math problems, make sure to do the same with discipline. Don’t just follow rash methods and careless ways. It will make you end up in more confusion when finding solutions. We can follow the correct order in solving mathematics problems. Following a disciplined way of solving problems will always help you score marks in the exams.  

Speed v/s Time  

Managing Speed is all about controlling and managing your time in exams. Time management is really important in exams. Don’t think that all exams require the same strategy in time management. There are exams which have sectional timings and some exams have no sectional timings. For exams with no sectional timings, you can complete all the answers you know from all of the sections and then save the extra time for all the difficult questions. But with exams with sectional timings, you cannot spend extra time doing other sections. There will be fixed timings for each of the sections in the exams. Practice for each of the exams differently according to their syllabus and exam pattern. 

Save your time 

Don’t think that you will know all the answers of an exam. Having confidence is good. But, always prepare for the difficult ones too. Save some time for questions which you might don’t know the answers to. After attempting all the questions which you know pretty well, go for the difficult ones and think with ease and clarity of mind. Because, even if you don’t get the correct answer, you can remain calm that you have completed all the questions of which you know the correct answers. Always have extra time saved up for the answers you don’t know. 

There are many coaching centres and online platforms like Entri which can help you with speed tips and tricks. To perform well in exams, you can also attempt mock tests and previous year question papers. That will help you achieve score marks in all of the competitive exams.  


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