What are the benefits of teeth straightening?

Straight teeth come with a range of benefits. Besides a more attractive smile and greater confidence there are a number of health benefits, here are just a few:

  • Improved overall dental health
  • Less risk of TMJ problems
  • Improved digestion
  • Fewer cavities
  • Prevent jaw strain
  • Improved speech

Teeth Straightening Options

There are 3 primary teeth straightening treatment options:

Metal braces

This is the most conventional teeth straightening technique. Metal braces consist of brackets, archwire, and bonding material. After applying them to the teeth, it can take up to 2 years to achieve teeth straightening. The time taken to straighten teeth depends on the severity of the individual’s situation.


Invisalign are a type of clear aligner that is worn over the top and bottom teeth. The aligners gradually straighten teeth and can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Traditional braces may limit food intake and make brushing difficult.

Aligners should be worn daily for 22 hours. 

Beam clear aligners

Beam clear aligners as a teeth straightening treatment will be discussed in more detail below. 

How much time does teeth straightening take?

How much time does teeth straightening take is one of the most common questions asked by our patients. After making a conscious decision to undertake teeth straightening and make a change to your smile, many people are shocked at the difference in teeth straightening times of the various treatment options. 

The fact is, there is no straightforward answer to the above question. You see, there are several variables to consider when aligning the teeth. This is very important considering that each individual’s mouth is unique. 

Teeth straightening treatment time can range from 4-6 months for clear aligners to 2 years for traditional braces. However, as outlined above, teeth straightening treatment time does come down to your individual circumstances. 

What are clear aligners and how do they achieve teeth straightening?

Clear aligners are a modern approach to teeth straightening without the need for braces. Clear aligners are very efficient at correcting mild to moderate dental issues. So efficient that they have become the go-to teeth straightening option for most adults.

Clear aligners work the same way as orthodontic braces. They shift your teeth into the right position. However, this doesn’t happen all at once. The teeth straightening process occurs over time.

One key difference to other options is that clear aligners don’t use brackets and wires. Also, you don’t have to visit your dentist regularly for adjustment. Instead, you’ll get a replacement approximately every two weeks. Every new set of clear aligners that you wear maps a new position for your teeth to shift into.

To enjoy the full benefits of clear aligners you’ll need to wear them for 22 hours daily.

What can clear aligners treat?

Clear aligners are predominantly used to treat the following common conditions:

  • Spacing issues 
  • Crowding issues 
  • Teeth gaps

Benefits of clear aligners in teeth straightening

Modern dental technology has improved orthodontics drastically so that teeth straightening no longer interferes with your professional or social life. Clear aligners are the ideal teeth straightening treatment option for the following reasons:

  • Cost effective. Up to 70% less than braces. 
  • Faster teeth straightening. 4-6 month average treatment time vs 2 years+ for traditional braces. 
  • Near invisible. 
  • Comfortable and removable. 
  • No in-office dental appointments required. 

Beam clear aligners

Beam clear aligners mission is to make dental care more affordable and accessible to all Australians. That’s why their clear aligners are the most affordable solution for teeth straightening. 

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