Are you passionate about sports? Do you feel an irresistible attraction to the fascinating world of sports betting? Would you like to start betting on sporting events, but you are unsure where to start? Read on and find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sports betting in 22 Bet sports betting guide for beginners.

                   Sport and sports betting: yesterday and today

Betting on sporting events is considered the oldest game of chance globally. The origin of sports betting dates back to ancient Greece: the Greeks were great fans of betting large sums of money on their favorite athletes. The custom was adopted naturally by the Romans. They bet on the fights of their favorite gladiators and the chariot and naumachia races held in circuses and theaters throughout the Empire.

Starting in the 18th century, the practice of sports betting spread throughout the world. With its long tradition of betting on horse and greyhound racing and later football, the UK is considered the birthplace of sports betting. In the United States, the betting fever broke out half a century later: sports such as baseball and rugby are still among betting favorites today.

However, during the first decade of the 21st century, the popularity of sports betting reached the dimension it enjoys today. The democratization of the Internet brought betting online and the possibility for sports betting fans to enjoy it at any time and from anywhere. Today it is possible to bet on almost any competition, league, or sporting event: all you need is a device with an internet connection to bet from an online casino as if you were in a physical establishment anywhere.

In addition to being popular entertainment worldwide, online betting is a business that moves billions across the globe. In 2018 alone, more than 17 billion dollars were bet on the Internet, of which 40% corresponds to sports betting. The net margin of the online gaming sector increased by 7.15% in 2019.

                             Types of bets and sports bets

The types of sports bets are practically the same as traditional bets, both physical and online: simple, combined, handicap, live, long-term, system, double chance, and a long, etcetera.

However, there is terminology and types of bets closely linked to online betting, whether sports or otherwise, such as card games, casino games, or online slots, to give three examples known to fans to games of chance. Some of these modalities are the following:

  1. Social betting or social betting combines the concepts of “social network” and “sports bet.” Players can meet, interact and compete with other players.
  2. Gambling with real money, either through bonuses or from the player’s customer account.
  3. Challenge betting: challenge yourself!
  4. Fantasy sports betting: Virtual teams and environments are created with real elements, such as players or locations.
  5. Gambling with in-game items or skin & item betting: certain elements necessary for the game are purchased with physical money. Earnings are usually paid in skins to continue advancing and progressing in the game.
  6. Bets on traditional sports such as football, baseball, tennis, horse racing, etc. Within this modality, live bets would enter.

                        How do you make sports bets online?

Online sports betting works in a very similar way to traditional betting. You must study each sport’s possibilities (odds) and each bookmaker or online casino’s betting odds. Some online odds comparators will be very useful for making decisions. Thoroughly studying the history of results and the trends of the teams and athletes, you will bet on will also increase your chances of success.

When you start betting, you should choose trusted websites and always check the terms and conditions of each establishment, as well as their gaming policies and the specific characteristics for each sporting event.

                          Tournaments and leagues of interest

Nowadays, it is possible to bet on almost any sporting event, league, or competition. There is a huge variety of bookmakers and online casinos that will allow you to bet on your favorite team or athlete from anywhere.

However, there are also events, games, and competitions exclusively online. Generally, these are video games played online and whose complexity, both in graphics, ecosystem and several players, can perfectly rival events and competitions that, although they allow online betting, are played in a physical format.

                         Tips and tricks to start betting online

  1. Specialize. You don’t need to be an expert on how all sports work or all the mechanics to place sports bets online. However, it would help if you documented everything about the sports that interest you. Learn and become familiar with the teams, players, and athletes you are going to bet for or against; In this way, you will be able to get the mo

st out of all the decisions you make.

  1. Research. Once you have chosen the sport or sports that interest you the most, invest time and effort in documenting and researching how they work and which are the smartest options when betting. Do not get carried away by impatience: the results of your effort will surprise you!
  2. Understand and gauge the risks. The allure and the thrill of betting are that it is possible to win big and lose big. When betting, you must consult each sport’s odds, particularities, historical data, probabilities, and methods. You also understand that you are participating in a game of chance that, as such, involves risks that it is inevitable to take. Take the risks you will take when you bet, and always act accordingly.
  3. Go to trusted sites. You will find plenty of bookmakers and online casinos on the Internet to get started and, if you practice enough, gain confidence and rewards with sports betting. Always play on reputable websites and make your gaming experience exciting and satisfying.
  4. Control impulsiveness. Set a budget and stick to it. Be strict with the money you spend: bet on responsible gaming!

Now that you have discovered everything you have always wondered about online sports betting, you can safely start in this fascinating world.

Go ahead and make your first bet and remember: practice makes perfect!

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