Quintrex boats are amazing as they are more stable and efficient in comparison to regular boats. It is due to their features like apex and blade hulls. They offer smooth rides and come in a bunch of different varieties like Quintrex Renegades, Quintrex Tinnies & open boats, Quintrex Explorer Tinnies,  Quintrex Hornets etc. One such amazing model is the Quintrex 350 Explorer which is perfect for fishing and a fantastic boating experience.

Features of Quintrex 350 Explorer 

The Quintrex 350 explorer runs smoothly in the water. It is an amazing model in the tinnie range. It has a traditional twin-thwart interior and is a very stable model. It is made to be stable during rest. It has an eclipse hull in combination with a V-shaped hull having the stability of V-nose punt. It has a length of 3.53 with a beam of 1.45 m. The shaft is 350, offering 15 HP. It is powered by Brisbane Yamaha outboards.  It’s a lightweight boat weighing just 76 kg. Just like other models of Quintrex boats, it has a fork bow design which gives it wide stability at rest and also while fishing. It has an open space which gives you a good space to store the things. It comes with a bow handle, bench seats, solid corners, glove box, transom handles, anchor gausset, rowblock blocks and a front deck. It is very efficient, user-friendly and useful to explore the waters. 

Brisbane Yamaha Offering Quintrex 350 Explorer

Brisbane Yamaha offers best buy prices for the Quintrex 350 explorer. Brisbane Yamaha is a leading seller of boats and the authorized Yamaha outboard service centre on the northside. They also are the largest sellers of Yamaha outboards in Australia. They offer the best prices for boats, both used as well as new. They sell Quintrex boats as well as Baysport and Yellowfin boats. They have highly experienced professionals for repair of outboards and they repair outboards of every brand. Their customer service is up to the point so that all the queries and problems of customers could be handled with care. 


The Quintrex 350 explorer is an amazing option for people who want to buy a boat for fishing. This  boat is stable while standing in water because of flat deck.It is useful in both rivers as well as freshwaters. It has a power of 15 HP with a 3.5 m of length. It is lightweight and has a weight of 76 kg. Brisbane Yamaha offers excellent prices for the sale of this model. Along with power with Yamaha outboards, it performs quite well and is user friendly. It runs super smooth on water. It is stable, efficient and lightweight and suitable for fishing purposes.  

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