The business owner I’m sure you must agree that there are so many things to focus on you must get marketing sales systems IT finance. They have got McCrimmon you’ve got stock and inventory control just to name a few so it’s no surprise that for small business owners the whole idea of customer service. Just fades into the background and it’s something. We only think about every now and again however, if you want to build a great business. 

Make service a company value

Fantastic customer service does not take place in a space. It affects every part to your corporation and changes on everyone employee, therefor they immediately cooperate to your customers.

You in business furthermore by focusing more on the customer and even at times stepping into their shoes you’ll be able to do a whole bunch of things first. You will be able to create greater levels of rapport and that’s the basis of all successful relationships. 

Five powerful principles

So let me now share with you five powerful principles to get your customer service back on track.

  1. You can achieve your business goals even faster number one be present as a business owner So, often we’re thinking about either the past or we’re thinking about the future our heads are constantly swirling with all the things. We need to do however the first step to great customer service is to be present that is to think not about what you’ve just done or what you’re going to be doing next but instead focus on only the person that’s in front of you.
  2. How you can create an exceptional experience by doing so you’ll make people feel acknowledged and appreciated which people will love you for number two ask questions one of the biggest criticisms. I hear about salespeople is that they talk too much when a salesperson gets an inkling. 
  3. in order to be improve your efficiency and customer services , you have to be really enthusiastic and excited all the time now that might work for some people but for others it’s going to completely turn them off instead great customer service is all about being flexible and being able to adapt your approach to fit in with the other person if the other person is talking quite loud you might want to do the same as well.
  4. They are a bit more centered and talking quite slowly then you might want to do the same as well remember people like people like themselves. what you need to do is to extend your range and to use the other person as a guide and be flexible in your approach.
  5. Number four discuss constantly I’ve been in a lot of business meetings with other companies and really does the topic of customer service come up. However, the topic of customer service should be mandatory and every business meeting as a business owner you can ask people to share what’s been your best customer service experience. However, keep asking the question because staff will soon becoming more conscious of their interactions and over time this is going to lead to a lot of positive.

What you like however if you make people feel special your staff will soon start competing and strive to achieve that award and more importantly it’ll help people be more focused and more conscious of getting customer feedback.

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