Mixing your old and new furniture is one of the simplest interior designs one can have on their own. It has evolved over the years with the recreation of old furniture and refurbishing inherited pieces. Apart from the comfort that you enjoy from using a piece of furniture, you are used to, a piece of old furniture will create a nostalgic sense and a balance giving the room a uniquely elegant look. You may have inherited something or want to change some of your tables to modern keep the rest as they look; here is a guide on how you can effectively achieve your vintage goal.

Determine what feel you want in your room

Creating a room scheme is determined by the feel you want to achieve. Is your decision to mix old and new geared towards having your room looking elegant, fresh, lived-in, relaxed or a classic look? Once you have a clear picture of how your house or room should feel, that’s a good start.

Choose your colour palette

Once you get a hold of your goal, it is time to choose your colour palette. It would be best if you used a lot of individual elements but not with too much colour. For a vintage look, a neutral colour will do you good to create a more spacious and shiny look. Getting a bold colour would be a good move, depending on your flooring. For a vintage look, hardwood is the best choice to achieve the look. If there is a need for a carpet, you might want to consider tribal and geometric rugs.

Be creative with the architectural background

If your house comprises a high ceiling and fabulous large windows with any other feature, then it will perfectly fit in with any vintage look. You can, however, introduce more artistry, with the interior consisting of traditional and industrial roots by adding raw elements like exposed brickwork and classically placed fireplaces, creating a classic look you may want to use wallpapers which are cheaper and easier to install. For small rooms, you can add vintage pieces and arts but be keen not to clutter your house too much.

Combine your old and new furniture

Putting together your old and new furniture creatively will create a fresh and calm feel for your house. You need to ensure that your room appears stylish and not chaotic by getting every item of good quality. Combine group pieces to allow the charm of each to be seen and noticed. Use items that are in contrast to each other and not different. A good example is combining carved armour with colourful chairs. You can get your hardwood office table fitted with stainless steel table legs and drawers, which will allow one to appreciate the beauty of each of the features by themselves.

Final thought

Creating the right balance between your furniture is achieved by mixing the different styles with the same scheme. It is easy to fit in your old furniture by finding the right accessories from the same era to go with the table.  As mentioned above, the overall look of your house will be your most excellent guide to your furnishing.

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