When betting, each player follows a different strategy. Some punters like to play on simple markets, such as who wins the match. Others, on the contrary, decide to make combined bets where, to win, you must hit more than one forecast. The payouts on this bet are higher, but it is also much more difficult to hit.

In the post, we will show you a straightforward strategy on Bet20 that few people usually do: Bet on the over, what is the over? Don’t worry, and we’ll explain everything here; the strategy of betting on the over consists of betting on the number of goals that can be scored in a match. These bets are determined by a range of odds, for example, +/-1.5.

That is, if you bet on over +1.5 in a match, you would win the bet when two or more goals are produced in the match.

                                  How to bet on the over?

To bet safely on the over, you must choose teams whose odds are very distant. In matches where one team is visibly much superior to its opponent, the number of goals can be more easily predicted. For example, if you are going to bet on a match in which the first team has odds of 1.2. And the second 5.2 is a good idea to bet on the over +2.5. The explanation is that we are sure that there will be a total of more than two goals in this match since it is easy for the first team to thrash their rival.

If you have doubts about interpreting the odds of a sporting event, you cannot miss this post.

                                Tips for betting on the over

When betting on the over, you must consider the starting elevens of each team. If the key players are injured or suspended, the match’s outcome is likely to be different.

Another key element is knowing the number of goals scored and conceded by each team. The previous analysis is fundamental to making a forecast that is as reliable as possible. Our experts recommend that you take the average number of goals from the last five games as a minimum.

Another tip from our experts is to try to rule out teams whose name already suggests that they will win on their own. Surely you trust them so much that you bet an excessive amount without foreseeing that at any moment they could stumble. In this sense, we encourage you to watch lower league games to bet on the over. In most cases, it usually works better than the other strategies.

After reading this post, we hope you have already fully understood how betting on the overworks and what you should consider before placing a bet of this type.

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