If you are a parent and looking to buy a bounce house, there are three factors to consider when choosing a manufacturer and model. Child’s Age – If your child is over 6 years old and very active, consider using a larger bounce house. It lasts for a few more years and is less susceptible to wear and tear.

Your Backyard Size: If it doesn’t fit in your backyard, it doesn’t make sense to buy a huge elastic home. Carefully remove the old tape measure before purchasing.

Your Budget: Modern party inflatables range from $200 to over $1,000! The sky is really the limit. Pay attention to what’s your budget is. Thus, don’t just focus on the model to find it too expensive at checkout.

Buy Online: I believe buying a Bounce house rentals AZ online is the way to go. Amazon’s return policy in the event of a product failure is great. Returning goods may not be easy at physical stores.

Security considerations at the time of purchase

Sure, bounce houses are safer than trampolines, but even if you choose the wrong one, your child can be injured. Ensuring your child’s safety begins with purchasing from a good manufacturer. Look for recalls from this manufacturer. If there is a recall, all inventories may have been repaired as well. For your safety, when you receive an inflatable, make sure you have not received an older version. Beware of vendors who make vague safety claims and claim that their products have never had an accident.

Parental Safety Guide

Keep the following important safety guidelines in mind when installing a bounce house. Always supervise children playing inside and outside the bounce house. 

  • Follow all the instructions recommended by the manufacturer. Pay close attention to the fixation and number of children allowed on the structure at one time.
  • If you have children under the age of 6, always supervise your playtime at the Bouncy House. For toddlers, choose an elastic home designed for toddlers.
  • Do not allow children of different ages to enter the bounce house at the same time. A 10-year-old child can fall and hurt a small child.
  • Do not allow adults or older children if they are too old to play in the bounce house. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some bounce houses can accommodate adults, but educate you first. Keep children from climbing the outer wall. This can bring down the bounce house. Children may also fall and hit the ground.
  • Children may want to sneak in, and unsupervised play is not recommended.

Maintenance of inflatable house

If you want your bounce house to last for years, you need to pay attention to proper maintenance. Don’t worry; it’s not too time-consuming or difficult. However, it should be done on a regular basis. Here are some tips:

Bounce house clean

If your child intends to use a resilient home every weekend, you will need to keep the main bounce area clean. Children entering and exiting the structure follow the railroad tracks on the ground. The best way to clean it is to use a vacuum cleaner.

After vacuuming the rebound area, you can remove stubborn stains by scrubbing with soapy water and a soft brush. Be especially careful when choosing a cleansing formula. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer for a cleaning solution recommendation. Dirt if you don’t clean it, it can lead to dirt.

Cleaning the bounce house is important not only to prevent dust from accumulating, but also for safety. Dirt and debris can get into your child’s eyes.

It is advisable to clean the bounce house after each event.

Disinfect elastic homes

It is a good practice to wash the bounce house with soap and water, but sometimes you also need to disinfect it. There are a variety of disinfectants on the market, some of which can damage elastic home fabrics.

Some rental companies use products designed to clean and disinfect wrestling and gym mats. To ensure that the bounce house is not damaged, test the solution in a small area.

Disinfection is a simple process. Spray the entire unit, especially the corners, and wipe off excess with a cloth. This will prevent the bounce house from becoming a shelter for bacteria.

Please dry completely before storage

After washing and disinfecting the fabric, let it dry completely before cleaning it up. This prevents mold growth and the buildup of cleaning agents in some areas. To speed up the drying of the inflatable, you can use the leaf blower until all wet spots are gone. Of course, the Water slide rentals AZ Park needs to be dried after each use. Bending a wet inflatable structure causes mold growth and an unpleasant odor. In the long run, this can even stain the fabric.

If air leaks, do not use elastic homes

If an elastic house suddenly begins to leak air, it’s time to get the kids out as soon as possible. Toddlers may not be aware that an elastic house is leaking air.

Other Ideas for Kids’ Party

But as you know, a great birthday party has many facets. As parents, we know this can be overwhelming at times. We thought we’d give you these additional ideas to inspire you:

Hire a magician

Young children love magic and will be fascinated by magicians. Magic shows are also great for soothing kids after they eat sugary treats like cake.

Find fun party games

You can find a lot of fun party games on the internet these days. Our go-to resource is Pinterest. It’s an active social media platform that allows others to share their findings. Why struggle to rank hundreds of pages on Google when other parents do the work for you?

Hire a clown

If your child doesn’t like magicians, consider hiring a clown. Like party magicians, clowns also have specific abilities. From balloons, unicycles, juggling, and even pie to face, you have the perfect clown for your kid’s party.

Give away bags of goodies

What better way to thank your little guests for coming to a birthday party than by handing them an exciting goodie bag? Pack gift bags according to the party theme and the age of the child. Some cool ideas include candy, stickers, temporary tattoos, and crayons. Don’t worry; gifts don’t have to be expensive. Children are more excited about the idea of ​​receiving something than the actual item. The dollar store is a great place to find gift pack items.

In conclusion

In short, even the best-planned children’s party can be improved. Consider a bouncy house. Not only are they safe, but they also allow kids to exercise and expend energy in a positive way. Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about these interesting inflatable structures.

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