A pressure washer appliance is commonly known to perform many activities, making work effortless. They remove dust, dirt, mud and many others with the help of water under high pressure. Due to this, you may wonder what you are supposed to check before you purchase one. In this article, I will elaborate on features you are supposed to check before you purchase a pressure washer.

In the present world, technology has made work easier, especially through the innovation of this type of machine. They are eligible to accomplish multiple tasks, including washing boats, cars, motorcycles, grills, fences, and many others. There are different multiple pressure machines with various features, hence that is why you should consider checking their feature.


Warranties are one of the greatest things you should consider checking for your machine since many brands offer warranties on their product. It is very important to go through the manual and check the warranty of the machine whether it is long or short term. Also, it is important to know for how long is warranty valid. Lastly check what the warranty cover, is it the frame that is only covered or is it the engine, frame and pump.


Portability is one of the major factors you should consider before purchasing the machine. Ask yourself if you want a pressure washer that won't be limited by cords that can move easily around and can be reserved handily. An electric pressure washer can only be plugged into a power source and gas pressure is restricted by a water source.

Gas and electric machines

Electric and gas pressure have different pressure, strengths, and speeds between them.

Another thing is that the pressure washer price in Kenya is a bit higher for gas pressure as compared to an electric pressure washer. Gas pressure produces a loud noise but they have more power while electric pressure has less noise but its power is low.


This is another feature you should check since some pressure washers have various attachments that are compatible with them. Also, some of the machines consist of attachments that are brought separately while others with the pressure when you buy. Thus, when you are buying the pressure washer machines, you need to always check the attachment of the item according to the purpose you want it to operate. Some of the attachment you should check includes; Soap nozzles, gauge, brushes, Soap nozzles, spray roller, Extension wands, hose reels, Pressure regulators etc.

Power type of the pressure washer

The most machine contains two types of power although some pressure machine has three powers. The cleaning unit determines how the machine is good. If you don’t find any cleaning unit, you can only know by multiplying GPS and PSI. This will help you to know the strength of the machine you have


Even if all pressure washers perform the same task, it is important to consider the features you are interested in. This is because this machine has different features according to what you expect

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