Experts’ Global is a company that all GMAT and MBA aspirants should be aware of. Till date, thousands of students from across the globe have reaped impressive benefits from Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep and MBA admissions consulting programs.

About the Company

In 2008, Mr. Mayank Srivastava founded Experts’ Gobal in order to provide reliable GMAT prep and MBA admissions education, through cutting edge technology. In the intervening years, Experts’ Global has become internationally competitive, as can easily be seen by their alumni, who have sought them out from over 50 nations. Further, Experts’ Global has worked with 10% of all Indians studying in the US top 50 business schools. The company’s efficient practices and the work it does are points of great pride for its staff.

GMAT Online Preparation

Experts’ Global has put together a GMAT online course that almost definitely the most comprehensive on the market. This course consists of 300+ study videos, 4000+ practice questions, and an interface and scoring system practically identical to the GMAT’s. Experts’ Global’s prep material is also backed by incisive analytics, excellent tools for students to understand their problem areas and how well they are progressing

GMAT Mock Tests

One of Experts’ Global’s crowning achievements is their GMAT mock tests. Great care has been taken in their formulation, ensuring that the tests have the exact conceptual scope, difficulty level, and overall style of the real GMAT. However, the most important feature of Experts’ Global’s mock tests is their incredibly GMAT-like scoring system; more than 500 students have noted that their Expert Global scores mirrored their official mock scores almost exactly. Since the GMAT scoring algorithm is kept private, this is a real feather in Experts’ Global’s cap.

GMAT Classroom Program

Conducted by Mr. Srivastava, Experts’ Global’s classroom program is a small weekend class program. These classes have been praised for the Mr. Srivastava’s deep understand of the GMAT, enthusiasm and sharp teaching style; students have made particular note of how he uses class time very efficiently and always makes sure that all students get their doubts cleared.

MBA Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global takes on only a limited, predetermined number of MBA aspirants each year, working along a boutique system. The company does so, in order to provide “End to End Admissions Consulting”, support and guidance for every part of the applications process. Since Experts’ Global has guided applicants to every one of the world’s top 150 business schools, the validity of this approach is hard to question.

MBA Interview Preparation

Given its commitment to providing reliable, end to end consultancy, Experts’ Global has also put together an impressive interview prep course. This course follows a three-step approach; it starts with 15 instructional videos that cover the complex factors that go into a good MBA admissions interview. The student is then called on to answer the 30 most common interview questions, in order to give the interview mentor a baseline off of which to understand the students starting level. The last stage is a series of mock interviews designed to address the applicant’s specific weak areas, each backed up with detailed feedback.

Experts’ Global is a stellar choice for those looking for guidance on GMAT prep and MBA admissions consultancy.

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