Natural stone fireplace surrounds continue to be one of the most popular design options for all types of homes. Because stone veneers are available in a wide range of colors, forms, and designs, there is bound to be a design that will suit any architectural, interior design, or area in the home.

1. Fireplace Surround With Arched Stone

Fireboxes with an arched top offer a more beautiful and formal appearance than rectangular or square boxes. By framing the top of the arch with stone, you may help to accentuate this form. This stone veneer reverses the orientation of the tiles slightly above the box to highlight the form and draw attention to the region.

2. Stone Fireplace With Reclaimed Wood Mantel

In many interior designs, wood and stone complement each other well. Both are natural materials with comparable amounts of influence on the aesthetic of a place. Using salvaged wood gives an added level of intrigue; reclaimed wood has a rustic style and a unique history that adds dimension to the design. This salvaged wood mantel contrasts with the honed stone and adds visual interest to the space. For more information visit this site: f95zone

3. Multipurpose Fireplace With Storage

Although fireplaces are frequently the focal focus of a room’s design, they are not the only object that should be positioned on that wall. This fireplace is bordered on each side by storage cabinets, which are framed in the same sage green stone veneer as the firebox. It gives the entire wall a consistent design while also providing a lot of functionality.

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4. Stone Fireplace With A Floor-to-ceiling Height

Nothing says “wow” like a fireplace surround that stretches all the way to the ceiling. This is especially true if the fireplace is located in a space with a high ceiling. This natural stone surround creates an eye-catching visual show, reaching all the way up to the sloping ceiling and drawing the eye upward to accentuate the room’s height and form.

5. Above-The-Fireplace Entertainment Center

Why not take it a step further and position your TV or entertainment center above the fireplace, which is already the focal point of the room? By locating both of the natural focal points of the space in the same location, you prevent people’s attention from being diverted by one or the other, resulting in a more relaxed ambiance as well as a more coherent design.

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6. Fireplace Trim

Banding physically and aesthetically pushes your fireplace into the room. Many people believe that the fireplace must be level with the wall it is put on, but this isn’t always the case or the best visual use of the area. Banding wraps around the fireplace on three sides, pushing it out slightly from the wall and producing a really appealing 3D look. When you use stone veneer for the banding, you add even more texture and intrigue to the design.

7. White Stone Fireplace That Is Clean

Clean white is a popular color for all interior design styles. White is a blank canvas that allows you to use a variety of various accent colors and hues without clashing. Using simply white may also provide a lovely, monochromatic effect for the area. This Berkshire Buff fireplace captures the viewer’s attention, stretching all the way to the ceiling and setting the tone for the rest of the room’s décor, which includes white furnishings and walls.

8. Multi-Tone Herringbone Stone Fireplace In Modern Style

Many people believe that genuine stone and stone veneers are exclusively used for rustic or traditional large electric fireplace surrounds, however, there are several ways to incorporate stone into modern settings. One option is to arrange the stone in a geometric manner around the fireplace. A 2 x 8-inch herringbone in various shades of gray creates a lovely, modern statement in this example, adding contrast to the design of the fireplace insert without overloading the space with color.

9. Fireplaces With Multiple Sides

Multi-sided fireplaces are becoming more widespread in modern homes, as well as in homes with open floor layouts. This is because you want the fireplace to be the focal point of the space, but if you just have a few walls to work with, you may wind up placing the firebox too far away from functional areas. By designing a multi-sided fireplace, you receive the advantage of the fireplace from many sides while also generating the focal point and functionality you want. With this scenario, by wrapping the box in a thin, carved stone veneer, you give a lot of texture and intrigue to the room.

Fireplaces aren’t as prevalent in the bathroom as they are in the bedroom, living room, and other rooms of the house, but they can make a big impression. A bathroom fireplace, placed just beside a soaking tub, may help create a pleasant and peaceful ambiance that pulls people in and makes you feel right at home. The warm tones of the stone complement the room’s décor and serve to create that spa-like environment that people frequently want in the bath.

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