Cutting grass can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming when done without any equipment. But we still need our lawns to look awesome and having the grass cut at an even height increases its beauty. This article shall discuss lawn mowers – the different types available and factors to consider before buying one.

Have you ever used a slasher to cut grass on a lawn before? It feels like a punishment. Lawn mowers make the work easier and faster. If the size of your lawn is big then it comes in handy. Before we dive into the types available, it is important to understand these terminologies.

What is a lawn?

A lawn is an open area covered with soil and planted grass or plants cultivated at a short height. It can be in a park, yard, or garden and has recreational and aesthetic uses.

What is a lawn mower?

This is a machine that operates revolving blades to cut grass on a surface to an equal height. It is available in many types depending on your needs. Below are some of the available types.

Types of Lawn mowers

Cylinder mowers – have cylindrical blades that cut the grass like scissors. It is suitable for small lawns since they give it a nice manicure finish.

Rotary mowers – have a blade underneath that rotates horizontally. It is better at cutting rough and long grass.

Self-propelled mowers – as the name suggests, it drives itself and you only have to steer it. It uses either electricity or petrol. It is suitable for large lawns.

Hover mowers – move above the ground making it easier to push. It can also reach unusual corners that other mowers find hard to.

Lawn mower power options

The sources of power highly affect lawn mower prices in Nairobi since they act as fuel for the machine. Most are powered by electricity. They have a cord that is connected to the mains electricity. Due to the cord, the electric mowers are good for gardens that are small or medium-sized. They are also budget-friendly and smaller in size, hence they do not need large storage space.

Other mowers are powered by a battery. They are cordless and give the same service as the electric ones. However, they are more expensive since you also have to acquire a battery.

Some use petrol as their source of energy. They are suitable for large lawns since they are more powerful and faster than the rest. But they are also expensive and need maintenance just like car engines. You also have to check the oil from time to time and refill it.

The final kind used muscle power. Cylinder mowers need to be pushed around hence using manpower. They provide you with some physical activity which is good for your health, they do not produce noise or emissions, making them good for the environment.

Aspects to analyze before purchasing a lawn mower

The first factor should be the size of the lawn. You need to get equipment that will clear your area effectively while also saving on the cost. The size and speed of the mower are also important because the larger the cutting width, the faster mowing will be depending on the requirements of the field.

The type of grass in the yard is also an important factor. Some types of grass grow longer than others and are also thicker in width. The mower should have enough power to deal with the kind of grass it will be working on.


To give your lawn that nice look that will have the neighbours staring with jealousy, consider getting a lawn mower. The factors above will assist you to make a wise decision.

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