Ethereum is, thanks to its infrastructure, the second-largest crypto network in the world at the moment. The mining nodes are tasked to confirm and validate new transactions, which makes the Ethereum viable, just like it is the case for Bitcoin. The network releases new Ether in return for these efforts. Both miners and users benefit from this, so mining Ethereum has become a popular crypto venture.

With that in mind, it is important to mention cloud mining as one of the mining options. To answer the question right away, yes, you can cloud mine this crypto, and you can do it very successfully. However, it is important to know how you can do it and what all the crucial steps you should take are.

What is Cloud Mining Actually?

As you probably already know, you need specific mining equipment in order to mine any cryptocurrency, including ETH. So, cloud mining allows you to rent that equipment, completely remotely, and use the service provider’s hardware to gain profits. In addition, the provider will also manage everything regarding the mining process. You can look at yourself as an investor in something big.

In some cases, you will be renting just the hash power with the purpose of mining ETH. Whatever the case, you as a miner won’t have to own mining rigs in physical form. You will be using the computational power of the mining service provider to partake in solo or pool mining. Find out more here:

Solo or Pool Mining?

It can be a tough decision to make whether you want to work alone or in a group. Solo miners’ profitability completely depends on the output of their mining rig. They keep all rewards for themselves, which is way more profitable, but could be way more risky and expensive. Eventually, due to the network’s hash rate and an increasing number of miners, most miners eventually find this model unsustainable, unfortunately.

The alternative option, which is also becoming more popular, is to join a mining pool that supports ETH. This model allows you to join a network of miners that combine their computing power with a simple goal of reducing costs and boosting profitability. Together, they stand a better chance of collectively validating a new block. However, if you opt for this model, you need to be aware of the fact that the rewards are shared between active members of the network, respectively.

Ethereum Cloud Mining Sites

Using cloud services can be a great way to add up to your profits, especially if you already have some capital to invest. However, like any investment product, you need to understand that there are certain underlying risks with these services. You could lose your money very quickly if you’re not careful with the service provider of your choice.

Since the industry is not regulated, many service providers have run away with client funds in the past. The platform could seem legit and operate legitimately at first, but they can change their policy over the night and get away with it. There were numerous cases where cloud mining providers have shut down overnight and investors were left with empty hands. There is no one who can assure you that this won’t happen to you. The simple strategy is to make a very detailed research on the provider of your choice.

This is why you have to be very careful before investing any money into mining. A general rule of thumb is to read reviews, talk with people who used the service in the past, and check for the legitimacy of the website. The information you seek on a specific provider shouldn’t take too long to find as the community is very helpful.

What Mining Equipment you Need for Ethereum?

Another important aspect of getting into cloud mining is to check for the equipment your potential outsourcer has. Mining demands computing resources to solve very complex mathematical problems. The better the hardware, the more processing power can be used to mine Ether. Mining rigs are a very expensive investment. Therefore, you should check with the provider whether they are using the industry standard, just to be sure you will actually be able to make some profit.

In addition, electricity costs are a major factor in the game. Mining rigs are usually running 24/7 and consume large amounts of energy. If your provider is from a country with cheap electricity, you will cut out most costs and you will make more profit.

Mining rigs tend to overheat quite easily, due to the intensity of the mining processes and the round-the-clock operations. Therefore, miners had to invest in specific cooling systems. This expense also takes a part in mining costs, so you have to check with the cloud mining service what type of cooling system they use and how much money you can actually save on it.

Start Mining Ethereum

Once you carefully analyze all the previous factors, you can start preparing yourself as an ETH miner. Before anything, you need to create a crypto wallet. It will be used to manage and store your mining rewards. There are plenty of different providers you can use to create a wallet, but it is generally advisable to choose the one that allows you to do with your coins whatever you want.

If you have already done all the previous steps, you will soon be ready to start your journey. However, keep in mind that ETH mining will become more unprofitable as time passes. The reason for this is that the blockchain is switching to the PoS (proof-of-stake) mechanism. ETH mining community is trying to resist this, but developers are not giving up on the changes. The mining operations will completely change in the future after the next upgrade.

However, you can take your chances and join the last train with a group of miners to get the most out of ETH mining. You may not make as much as you could with a different currency, but you could come out with profit considering you will be using a cloud service.  

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