The vacuum cleaner is an apparatus that causes suction by collecting, removing, or cleaning clouds of dust from the floor and other surfaces by the use of electricity. It has a cyclone inside it which after cleaning the materials and particles are deposited.

The article’s focus is on the considerations that are crucial before using or purchasing a vacuum cleaner for easier cleaning.

This machine was invented in 1920 by James Murray Spangler but it was later improved by other inventors like Gustaf Sahlin. It is true to say cleanliness is next to godliness and this machine has helped people a lot in cleaning the draperies, upholstery, and many other surfaces.

The types include;

Canister vacuum

This type of vacuum cleaner is used in carpeted places like stairs and hard surfaces. They are well equipped with a retractable cord for which makes it easy to maneuver and a horse for suctioning. They have separated units for receptacle and motor for easy versatility, maneuverability, and flexibility. They are best for multi-surface use and furniture. Their long hoses and compact bodies make them well suited for stairs cleaning.

Stick vacuum

Also known as sweeper vacuums, they are the middle ground between a handheld vacuum and an upright vacuum. They are battery-powered and lightweight which makes them feature the construction of an upright vacuum. They are used in cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen floors and they have a dirt cup. They are good for cleaning under the kitchen tables.

Upright vacuum

They are perfect for cleaning large carpets at home. They use a motor-driven brush that removes dust particles through sucking. They are versatile because they have onboard attachments, they are the best for carpets and hardwood floors.

Robotic vacuum

This is the latest in technology, they are easy to work with, one only needs to set up or control it by going to the setting and letting it clean the floor. It saves time by cleaning with precision. The constant cleaning action offers ease and convenience. They can be programmed to clean or controlled by a remote when one is not around.

Deep cleaner

Also known as carpet cleaners, carpet shampooers, and carpet extractors. They don’t use cold water instead they use warm water to ensure carpet treatment and spot removal. They sprinkle the carpet with foamy water, then use a vacuum to brush and suck the water, stains, and dirt from the carpet. They are not meant for hardwood floors and are not recommended for daily use.

Pet vacuum

They are used for collecting the pet’s hair to minimize the pet’s odors at home. They can clean and detach to the beater sweeper that gets blocked when covered with a lot of pet fur.

Handheld vacuums

They are small and portable which makes them very light to be carried around. They clear small messes of dirt and crumbs on floors, car interiors, tables, upholstery, and tight corners. The bad side of it is that they are a replacement for a brush and a dustpan is not fully attached.

The type and uses of vacuum cleaners may vary from one vacuum cleaner to another. It is wise to research the best vacuum cleaners before purchasing.


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