Getting adequate sleep is extremely important for your baby’s overall health, well-being and development. Hence, decorating and arranging your baby’s bed in the right manner is vital for all parents. Make sure your baby’s bed is very comfortable so that you can sleep well at night.

As parents, many of us have a habit of co-sleeping with our babies. Hence, we are able to provide them with the protection they need. But it’s not possible to do this in the long run. It is vital for you to take necessary precautions as letting it loose could prove to be very risky for your baby. On that note, we have compiled 7 important tips you could use to arrange a comfortable, safe and beautiful bed for your baby. To get more help on this, click here.

Maintain a clear looking cot

A safe-looking cot is imperative if you want your baby to sleep safely all night.  That’s why make sure your cot is clear, hygienic, safe, and tidy. This includes no toys, bumpers, pillows, duvets, loose bedding, straps, wedges, etc. While giving your kids to play with toys is not a bad idea, make sure it’s not when they are playing with them. You could keep it simple with a waterproof mattress or a blanket with a baby sleeping bag, etc.

Keep a firm mattress

Always keep a firm and flat mattress for your baby. Ensure it doesn’t move around here and there as that increases the chances of slipping. Some of the best kinds of mattresses include cot bed mattresses, travel mattresses, small cot mattresses etc. There are several mattresses you could pick from. However, it is advisable that you avoid choosing second-hand mattresses as sometimes they end up losing their firmness. It is also advisable that your mattress is well covered and waterproof as it will help you go easy.

Make Sure They Are Warm

In order to keep your baby warm, you have to provide them with a proper cotton blanket. Make sure it has been properly tucked underneath its arms. Buying blankets that are of breathable material will let your baby cool down at night and also ensure a good night’s rest. There are many companies that specialize in providing baby sleep bags, depending on the age, weight, and baby’s room temperature. You could easily get something that suits you well.

Put them to sleep on their back

The best way to put your baby to rest is by putting them on their back until they have been able to turn themselves over. Obviously, you won’t be able to watch them all the time, but allowing your baby to sleep in a good position is also a great way to help them sleep well. You can also purchase a nice smart baby monitor that will keep you updated about what your kid is doing.

Be Mindful of Crib Decorations

Crib gyms, stuffed animals, hanging toys look great as toys for your baby. You could easily use them to distract your baby every time he keeps fussing around at bedtime. He also wants to benefit from such good visual stimulation that’s provided by such decorations. But, ensure that you have removed all of these decorations by the time your kid is able to stand on his knees and hands. He may pull at some of them and it could hurt. Hence, small objects could cause a choking hazard as well.

Be Careful with The Wallpaper

Never ignore the wallpaper or paint of the room your child sleeps in. If you want to redecorate your room for your kid, make sure it is properly ventilated, is free from all the fumes before you bring your baby to sleep there. If you want to use wallpaper in any other decoration for your bedroom, use a paper-based or natural design. Make sure you avoid all sorts of artificial chemicals that encourage growth and emit fumes too.

Don’t Keep the Nightlight Too Close from Your Bed

Several parents also like to use special nightlights inside the baby’s bedroom. They are designed specially in order to be soothing. They also come with dimmers that help you go to sleep. Just ensure the nightlights are not very near or touch the bed cover/sheets. Keeping them very close could be very dangerous as they come as a fire hazard.

When babies are small, they have soft heads. Sleeping on your back could sometimes cause back dullness and make them flat. This is also known as positional plagiocephaly. It can get better without medical help by the time the kids are 1 year old. If you are feeling extremely worried, you could also tilt your baby’s head every time you put your kid to sleep. You could put the baby at the back of its head whenever required to keep them awake. 

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