If you have seen ‘Suits’ – an American TV show, then you must be familiar with the concept of mentorship, and how it can help mentees in many ways. What Harvey Spector does for Mike Ross into becoming a well-acclaimed lawyer is commendable. Such mentorship is not only restricted to TV dramas only. In real life, you can find amazing mentors that have helped their disciples build a whole new life.

Mentorship is one of the noblest jobs if done with honesty and integrity. A mentor helps the mentee learn things about a particular field, share first-hand experience, and provide guidance and encouragement to explore new ideas. Having a mentor by your side can benefit you in many ways. The key is to find professional mentors that are honest with their job and will try their best to help their mentees.

Here are a few reasons why having a mentor can benefit you.

1.      Helps You Improve

Mentors can help you bring out the best version of yourself. They can help you build self-confidence and trust your instincts. When your mentor spends time with you, he becomes familiar with your personality, strengths, and your weaknesses. Therefore, they can help you minimize your weaknesses, or convert them into your strong traits.

2.      Encourages Growth

A mentor is like a father. He will always want the best for his mentee. Therefore, a mentor will always encourage your professional and personal growth. He will make sure you do not miss an opportunity to advance in life. Also, he will try to create opportunities for you that can help you grow.

3.      Shares Experience

A mentor shares his personal experience with his mentee. Therefore, making them learn new things and avoid any mistakes that can be harmful. A mentor will let you learn things on your own, to get life lessons by yourself. But he will also make sure that you do not jump into a well blindly. He will make sure you know how to get out of the well.

4.      Makes You Accountable

A mentor can help you keep track of your goals. He will make sure that you work towards achieving your set goals. He will make you accountable for your goals by keeping a track of your progress. Having a mentor can motivate a person to work towards achieving the set goals. Knowing that you have someone watching over you, makes you work harder to get appreciation.

5.      Can Help Build Connections

A mentor is an experienced person who has spent a significant amount of time in professional fields. Hence they have connections in different fields. A mentor can help you utilize those connections. Having connections can help you progress and succeed in the field. They can also help you in career advancement by providing you with multiple opportunities.

In A Nutshell

Concluding the above discussion, it can be said that having a mentor can help you in many ways. They can help you improve yourself, achieve set goals, utilize growth opportunities, and most of all, build connections for career advancement.

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