During the Covid-19 outbreak, we are obliged to find various strategies to inhibit virus spread. As a result, when 2020 arrives, QR codes have made a significant reappearance.

QR codes are two-dimensional images that convey extensive yet essential information. A QR code generator online is used to generate the data stored in a QR code. To obtain the data included in a QR code, the user must scan it using their smartphone device’s camera.

QR codes are barcodes, but a more advanced version of them.

QR codes assist restaurants, bars, and other foodservice businesses. They use menu QR codes, which allow customers to scan the QR code with their mobile phones.

With this, menu QR codes have become the new normal for most establishments following the COVID-19 lockdown because they allow the establishment to continue operating.

Will It, However, Be Useful After the Pandemic?

Even after the outbreak, menu QR codes will remain the “new normal” for customers to scan things offered by restaurants.

Here are five reasons why QR codes on menus are here to remain.

To Ensure Everyone’s Safety

It is clear that employing a menu QR code and other QR code solutions helps minimize the spread of the covid19 virus. Even if restaurant dine-in capacity is decreased to a certain capacity percentage for social distancing, if everyone uses the same paper menu, there is a good possibility you will catch the virus.

We’re not just talking about the Covid-19 virus here; we’re also talking about Salmonellosis, colds, meningitis, various flu viruses, and chickenpox.

Customer safety is ensured with a menu QR code because they have to scan the QR code with their smartphone cameras.

This will also maintain your employees’ security because it will limit their engagement with diners because they won’t have to go around handing out menus.

Spend Less Money

Printing costs are rising, and you need to refresh your menu not only because it is damaged but also to adjust prices and add new dishes. Menus are often modified at least twice or three times every year. Not to mention the expense of recruiting a professional to edit and arrange the menu.

Restaurant owners can change the content of the menu QR code. As a result, you don’t have to change and reprint your menu. They can update it without having to reprint it whole. It saves a significant amount of money and effort in implementing them. 

Provides Personalized QR Code Look

Users can change the appearance of menu QR codes. By using a QR code generator with logo online, you can choose the color, design, and, most importantly, add your restaurant’s logo to the QR code. As a result, your QR code will be linked to your brand’s identification. 

Content Is Customizable

Every restaurant owner desires to include a QR code when creating a menu. Because Menu QR codes employ dynamic QR codes, you can edit/change the content of your QR code.

You don’t have to recruit a professional to create the perfect menu for your diner because you can do it yourself during your spare time. Furthermore, you can easily update your menu when a product is sold out.

Reprinting will not be an issue because dynamic QR codes do not require you to produce and print a new code because they can be constantly refreshed.

Timely To Use

Because of their benefits and timeliness, menu QR codes will remain the “new normal” even after the outbreak, and they are currently widely used in other businesses. We live in the digital age, where practically everything is available digitally at the press of a button. A menu QR code is essential if you don’t want your business to fall behind.

Something new is going to be the focus of attention. Because menu QR code is not commonly used, as opposed to regular menus, it will draw more customers because everyone will be intrigued by this technological invention. 

People will then willingly market the location on their social media sites to encourage others to your restaurant.


With all of the reasons, it is time to rethink and upgrade your restaurant and use Menu QR codes now.

Be the first in your community to use Menu QR code. Generate your Menu QR code now and create a safe yet modern food ordering experience for all.

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