All relationships have their problems and issues, but long-distance relationships have those problems plus the added sadness of the distance. Nothing gets an individual down like being away from the one he or she loves. Let’s face it long-distance relationships are complex, but they are also incredibly awesome, you learn so much while you are away, you learn to respect each other’s space, you realise how strong your bond is, how much you trust your partner and when you are together, it’s like you were never apart. And I agree that there are many obstacles in your way and things that make you sad, but there are also many ways to keep the spark alive and make your sweetheart happy. So, to help you get through this challenging phase, here are some things you can do to make your love happy.

Scheduled Calls

When you are in a long-distance relationship, managing time is crucial. You have to manage your work, your education and other things according to each other’s time so you can talk, it can be quite challenging, especially if you live in two different time zones. So, it’s better that you schedule your calls in advance; it sounds technical, but trust me, this helps in the long run. Talk about your responsibilities and things you need to do and come up with a time when you both can make time for each other.

Care Packages

The worst thing about your situation is that you can not meet as often as others, so it becomes hard to show how much you care for them. The best way to convey your feelings is to send a care package to them, including some chocolates, their favourite treats, some comfortable clothes like t-shirts, hoodies etc., some cute merchandise of anything you both like and a lovely perfume or whatever you want. Pro tip- add one of your t-shirt or hoody into the package; if you are sending it to your girl, you can thank me later.

Send Flowers

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It’s said that women love flowers, well, not true! Men love them too. Flowers are pretty to look at, can change your mood instantly and give off the most amazing fragrances, so naturally, everyone loves them irrespective of their gender. Send a sweet bouquet of flowers to your love, just because to make them feel extra special, trust me, it will make their day. It’s also effortless; there are plenty of websites from where you can send flowers to your better half, such as FlowerAura- a leading online florist. So, try the services of FlowerAura flower delivery in Delhi or anywhere you want and make your honey love feel special.

Plan Fun Things Together

You are away from each other, but it doesn’t mean you can not have fun together. There are plenty of games that you can play on a video call; if you like board games, you can look for apps that allow you to play games such as ludo, UNO, Carom etc., online. You can also go for multiplayer games and enjoy your time while talking and playing. If you both are one of those couples who love doing peaceful stuff, then you can watch movies or shows online. There are many online streaming platforms such as amazon prime and Netflix, where you can watch movies and shows with someone else.

Digital Gifts are Your Friends

I know that long-distance relationships are pretty high maintenance, not just emotionally but also financially. The gifts become more expensive with the extra shipping charges, so it is not possible for you to send them often. But you also wanna make your baby smile every once in a while, right? Well, you can take the help of digital gifts. These are virtual gifts that are available on the internet for free or for a very low price; these gifts include digital greeting cards, personalised apps, secret messages and many more. These unique presents are sent via e-mail and are mostly delivered instantly; therefore, your bae’s day will light up immediately.

A Surprise Visit

Nothing can replace the warmth and joy your mere presence can provide. So, the best and most precious gift you can get them is a surprise visit from you. I know it is expensive; hence, start saving early and research as much as you can about your trip. If you are living in the same country, then learn about his or her state or city, figure out your mode of transport and save accordingly. If you both are in different countries, then figure out if you need a visa to visit them; if yes, then research all the documents required and start assembling them. Also, this may be a long and very expensive trip, so you should probably talk to your partner regarding this and plan it together.

At last, trust your partner and have faith in your bond, do not listen to people who say anything negative and just focus on what matters to you.

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