Tradeview is web-based charting software that is both simple to use and highly customized. In addition to stock charts for various markets (including Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, China), users may obtain data on various financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and foreign currencies. Tradeview’s free basic version is all you need to get started. However, users have the option of subscribing to have access to the platform’s additional features and benefits.

Here you will find details about free multi-platform charting assistance and social network for Tradeview traders. Users may share and discuss their thoughts on the markets while keeping tabs on the price charts of hundreds of different assets, including cryptocurrency. By using the platform’s extensive, customizable set of technical indicators, traders can get the much-desired level of price predictability on the unpredictable crypto markets.

Trading View Charts:

To put it simply Tradeview charts provide a high-level picture of an asset’s performance over a specific period. The timescales defaulted to include anything from five years to one second. This chart provides information on the current bid and asks prices, spread value, and the number of ticks left until the next chart update for each candlestick on a set timescale.

Tools Offered by Tradeview:

Examining the various trading View toolbars in more detail will reveal the following:

  • All of the technical indicators that can be displayed on the chart are included in the left-most toolbox. These range from simple trend lines to more intricate Fibonacci ratios. Besides equipment for value forecasting, this interface provides multiple options for customizing the chart: symbols, highlighters, and so on. If you are looking to make better trading decisions for yourself or share your ideas about the market with the wider community, these tools can assist.
  • With the help of the Tradeview top-level toolbar, you may change the chart type and apply numerous overlays. For instance, you evaluate BTCUSD to ETHUSD or apply complicated indicator algorithms by accessing them from Trading View’s defaults libraries or even from the general libraries.
  • There is a separate trading panel for each asset on the bottom of this page. Paper trading is an alternative for users who want to test out trading methods in a real-world setting without taking any risks, or they can use verified user-reviewed brokers to trade directly. The back testing of trading methods can also be done through this panel.
  • Finally, the rightmost panel on the Tradeview site displays the social network. In this segment, you will acquire about the selected asset, hotlists of assets, the public and private chat rooms, your personalized watch list, other users’ ideas and streams, and more.

Trading View Layout:

Here, the Tradeview map is divided into four sections.

  • Yellow: Charts, Trade, Markets, Screeners, Ideas, Streams, Scripts, and More may all be found on the yellow top menu bar.
  • Blue: Those posts that Tradeview editors choose to include on the first page are known as “Editors Picks.” Members of the Tradeview community have penned these. Trade ideas, instructional recommendations, and more might be exchanged in a similar way to social media channels.
  • Green: The day’s performance of the key indices in the US stock market is summarized in green.
  • Purple: The brokers that are available on Tradeview are shown in purple. On this platform, you can trade as well.

Firstly, download the Tradeview platform before we get started with the “Yellow” bar menu above. Despite its relative youth, it’s an invaluable resource. Many windows can be used at the same time in different tabs. There is no need to open a browser and take up valuable screen real estate!

Tradeview Toolbar Elements at the Top:

  1. Assign a new identifier
  2. Periodicity of the graphs
  3. The type of chart (candlestick, line, etc.)
  4. Indicators should be added.
  5. Other assets can be compared.
  6. Alerts.
  7. The chart’s design (change to multiple different quadrants)
  8. Tradeview saves the view of the chart.
  9. Tool for playing back a recording.

Charts can be drawn, lines drawn, Fibonacci numbers drawn, and more by using the vertical toolbar on the left-hand side. It is possible to observe different time frames at the bottom of the chart, such as 1D, 5D, 1M, 6M, etc. It will provide you with a concept of how long you’ll be looking at the chart. For Tradeview today’s movement, 1D will display it for you.

The last six months of the asset will be shown to you. Change the time zone to match your time zone as well if you choose. You can see which brokers are compatible with Tradeview under the “TRADE” page on the site. On the platform, you can trade directly. Keep in mind that many of the brokers are Forex or CFD-based. An online crypto trading platform exists.


On our quest to provide the best tools for traders and investors worldwide, Tradeview connects to everyone as a broker-neutral platform. Top Brokers on Trading View has just been launched today, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The ability to put one’s faith in another is critical in the financial sector.

We’re confident that this new offering will assist newbies in gaining confidence and making the proper choice. If you’re in the forex market for a new charting platform, hopefully, this information will help you out! Tradeview, in my opinion, is the best (and most user-friendly) charting program on the market today. To begin with, you get a lot for your money with the free edition of trading View.

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