A proper hair care routine is the best way to keep your hair health in check. So many of us strive for long and thick tresses, but due to numerous reasons like genetics, environmental problems, poor diet, etc., there is always a hindrance to reaching those #HairGoals. These problems give rise to many hair conditions like excess hair fall, dry hair scalp, thinning of hair follicles, and many more. This is why you need an enriching solution that provides deep nourishment to your hair and can be at your disposal anytime. With Mamaearth’s Aloe Vera Gel for Hair, you have that chance to rebuild those lost hair cells and contribute to hair regeneration. 

Hair maintenance with aloe vera is an effortless but rewarding process- and its results are undeniably permanent. Aloe vera has been known as the top-most used ingredient for skin and hair care products in the world. It is an extremely nutritional plant that has gained immense popularity for its fast and effective healing properties. 

The plant’s leaves contain a translucent gel enriched with proteins and vitamins. This cumulative effect of repairing the dead skin cells on the scalp helps you have longer and shinier hair free of trouble. Aloe vera gel for hair also acts as a great conditioner that leaves silky, smooth, and shiny hair tresses. In addition, many experts have stated that aloe vera has collagen-boosting properties and is one of the best ingredients for hair care, skincare, and weight loss!

Here we bring you an expert guide on using aloe vera gel for hair like a pro!

  • Use as a hair mask

The Mamaearth aloe vera gel can be used as a hair mask to replenish your scalp’s lost hydration. Massage the gel gently on your scalp, and let the nutrients seep in. Let it stay for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with a gentle shampoo. 

If you suffer from excessive anti  dandruff shampoo , this hair mask will deeply condition your hair. In addition, Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids – the nutrients that develop the health of your hair. 

  • Mix it with oil

Mix your Mamaearth aloe vera gel with the most recommended oil – castor oil. Castor oil is known for making hair strands thicker and smoother, and once mixed with aloe vera gel for hair, the duo can leave a significant impact on your scalp. Mix 3 to 4 tbsp of the aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp of castor oil to make a uniform mixture. 

Apply it directly on your scalp and massage well for a few minutes. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes and rinse it off using a mild shampoo. 

  • Use as a leave-in conditioner

Shampoo often makes hair frizzy and dried. To have a complete hair wash routine, applying conditioner is a must-do ritual and should not be missed at any cost. Using aloe vera gel for hair conditioning is as simple as it sounds. 

Post your shampoo, take the Mamaearth aloe vera gel and mix it up with your regular conditioner. Apply it on your wet tresses and smoothen out hair strands with a light massage. It will, in turn, make your hair strands smooth and frizz-free. It would also add a noticeable shine and bounce to your tresses and reduce some dandruff and itchiness too. 

  • Use it as a hair spray

Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel can be used as a hair spray to set your hair and give a great boost of proteins to your hair strands that can reduce hair breakage. Dilute Mamaearth aloe vera hair gel with 1/4th water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your dried or semi-dried tresses and give an instant nutritional boost and shine to them. 

However, do not overuse the spray, as it might produce a moisture overload. This could make your hair strands lose out on receiving other important nutrients. 

Benefits of using aloe vera gel for hair 

Now that you know some exclusive ways to aloe vera for hair, here are some of its amazing and super-enriching benefits for hair care. 

#1 Rejuvenate dry hair and scalp

Aloe vera is an effective ingredient to retain the scalp’s moisture and keep it hydrated. Aloe vera is naturally high in water content. As a result, it provides many essential nutrients to hair follicles that keep hair 100% healthy and prevent scalp and tissue from drying out.

#2 Reduces dandruff and itchy scalp

Aloe vera is a natural hair cleanser and acts proactively against hair sebum, dirt, and product build-up. It also helps remove dead skin cells from the scalp and regenerate hair-growing cells, thus reducing dandruff and skin flakes. In addition, you may note that Mamaearth aloe vera gel also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that could help remove any bacterial infection or bad scalp condition.

#3 Minimizes frizziness

Aloe vera has deep conditioning properties and many other nutritional contents like vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fatty acids, etc. The nutrients together work in harmony to soften up dry and frizzy hair. In addition, it locks open hair cuticles and retains the natural oil in the scalp, hence giving hair a smooth and shiny texture.

#4 Banishes hair fall

Hair fall is one condition that has reached its peak and is a top-most hair problem for many adults. However, environmental and general lifestyle problems increase hair fall rates. This is why one needs a natural solution, suits all hair types and is worth the money. Mamaearth aloe vera gel for hair is worth the hype because it has vitamin E and enzymes that strengthen hair follicles and control hair breakage.

#5 Protects from sun damage & restores pH balance

Aloe vera contains high collagen content and high cooling properties. This keeps your hair, scalp, and tresses safe from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It has been witnessed that with continuous use of aloe vera gel for hair, one can restore the pH balance of the scalp. Its alkaline effect helps in maintaining an alkaline pH.

It is time for you to have a healthy hair care routine without any hindrance, so why not let Mamaearth be at your rescue?

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  1. Is charcoal face wash good for skin?
    Yes. Charcoal can remove toxins and helps drain out impurities like oil, dirt, sweat, and make up from your face. It also helps to deep clean your pores and prevents the build up of excess sebum, dead skin cells, and oil.

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