Are you a serious farmer with an extended farm? If yes, you are reading the right article.In fact, the best farmer is not only known for a good harvest but also for the tools and equipment he/she hasfor a successful farming process.

The most important tool a farmershould never lack is the rain gun sprinkler. This tool is designed to offer maximum help to farmers interested in overhead sprinkler irrigation schemes.

This tool can sprinkle water up to 60 meters circularly. It is, however, more effective in large-scale irrigation.In addition, it has two nozzles, the main outer nozzle of 16mm and the underneath nozzle of 8mm.

Other properties

Before deciding on taking home a raingun sprinkler, make sure to markthe adjustable jet breaker. This property gives you the freedom to change the size of drops of water and the forceof the water hitting the ground to protect the small crop.

However, the rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya is favorable as they come in different types. Also, you should checkinterchangeable nozzles as they should come with them. This property allows you to control its pressure to safeguard young crops or other crops which are not strong enough.

Types of rain gun sprinklers

  1. Flange rain gun


  1. PY series. That is the PY 30. PY 40 and PY 50
  2. Plastic

How good is this sprinkler for irrigation?

Some crops areprone to fungal infection due to leaves’ dampness, such as peppers and tomatoes,which can be irrigated with other irrigation methods.

Types of crops to irrigate


This can be defined as a branch of plant agriculture that deals with garden plantations such as vegetables. For instance, carrots, kales, garlic cabbage, and spinach

Broadacre crops

This comprises of grains, for example, wheat, canola, corn, and bearly

Fruits orchards

This can be referredto as an international plantation of trees or shrubs maintained for food such as citrus, macadamia, avocado, and guava


This can eitherbe a plant or a part of aplant used for its flavor, scent, or therapeuticallyproperties, For example, geranium, and mint.


This can be defined as the management of forested land. And this may include; seedlings and mature trees

Hedge plants

These consist of, Kei apple, cypress, and bougainvillea


  • It is highly effective as it can be carried around with ease.
  • This tool does not require regular maintenance hence low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to use on the farm.
  • It plays the role of nitrogen fixation as the water dissolves the air as it falls on the ground just like rainwater.
  • Liquid fertilizers can be distributed on the farm very quickly
  • Rain gun sprinkler reduces labor cost


  • Too many trees limit it from sprinkling water uniformly.
  • The gadget and the pipes are heavy to carry.
  • Rain gun sprinkler is not suitable in areas with strong winds.
  • Its repair is only performed by a specialist
  • It is bit expensive to purchase


If you are planning on purchasing a rain gun sprinkler, you should put all considerations not only the price in place. That is, the durability, quality, brand, effectiveness, efficiency etc. Check more about water pumps including high pressure diesel water pump Kenya

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