As we have gone through various reasons Hire a hacker, one can hack the other person’s cell phone. Now let us go through the big question of “Can the phone be hacked by just using their cell phone”?

The answer to this big question cannot be with a simple answer such as a yes or no. One can easily hack into their android phone even by using one’s cell phone, and one might also need the device IMEI number as well as carrier name.

But at the same time, one needs to know beforehand that sometimes one needs to physically access the targeted victim’s phone unless one has it. Hacker for Hire One can get to know the MEID/IMEI number by calling on the universal code of *#06# from the device which has been targeted.

So through this, one can get a hand on the android phone, but hacking an iPhone has always been a different ball game. This is due to the difference in software, usage, and other things that creates a difference in these two.

The below tips from our side will allow one to hack a cell phone remotely, and that too the iPhone, which is much in demand.


As we learned from the previous paragraph, hacking an iPhone is a different ball game and is quite difficult to perform simultaneously. The reason due that iPhones require one to the iTunes credentials of the victim; then, one can get into their cloud.

Once one gets a hand on the much important credentials, the phone number is also not required to get into the phone, making the attackers work a piece of cake walk towards the end. People need to keep in mind that iTunes is very important to hack a cell phone remotely in the case of an iPhone.

At the time, we need to keep in mind that the device which has been targeted should have enabled the option to allow the backup of iCloud and without this happening, one cannot find the data of the victim’s cell phone.

The problem with android phones is that they lack a good storage app like iCloud, and this creates the difference. This ultimately shows the way for other 3rd party applications for millions of android users.


Having a good android phone has become a necessity nowadays and people who can’t afford it are exploited by hackers at the other end. The concept of hacking a cell phone remotely in the case of android phones is different as compared to their counterparts Apple. 

Most android phones are not easy to hack as they are built upon various open-source application programming interfaces, also known as APIs, which makes the hacker’s work quite difficult.

This is one good advantage for android users as the process of monitoring a user of the android version would require one to have direct physical access. Once a person gets direct access, then the ball is in their court.

Then we need to download and install the ultimate phone spy app, which is very user-friendly and at the same time great to use. One can also check the demo version and get a better view of it, including various options like SMS, GPS, images, videos, and many more items that would interest one.


One can use the above methods depending on android or the iPhone version to hack a cell phone remotely. This can be useful for cautious parents, spouses, and bosses too and have control over the things going on.



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