As its name suggests, live bets are bets placed on a sporting event while it is being played. You can also see them written as live bets.

Unlike pre-match bets, which are placed before the event starts, live bets allow you to place them while watching the match on Bet20.

                               How Live Betting Works

We have a live betting section. In it, we find differentiated by sports: soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, among others; they are sporting events taking place right now. Along with the names of the teams or players, we see the result of the match that will help us know more about that sporting event.

                                         Live to bet

One of the main features of live betting is the fluctuations of the odds. These are updated in real-time as the game progresses for various reasons, such as a goal, cards, passing minutes, etc.

                               How live bets are placed

Placing an in-play bet is very simple, almost identical to placing a ‘normal’ bet such as a pre-match bet. Once you are in the market (within the category of live betting), select one of the options offered in the boxes of the sporting events. Doing so generates a bet ticket to see the odds, event, and possible winnings once you enter the amount you want to bet. Once the bet is confirmed, it will be formalized.

                                Advantages of live betting

Live betting has two main advantages that pre-match or long-term betting does not offer us.

Real-time information: perhaps this is the main advantage, having immediate details on what is happening in the match.

Watch the game in streaming: we offer all the NBA games for free and live, so you can watch it on your mobile, tablet, or computer while you place your bet live.

                                        Live betting tips

Plan your bets. Betting live does not mean improvising as events occur in the match. Try to imagine different scenarios and what bets you would make in each case. This way, when this happens, you will know exactly how much to bet and at what odds.

Control emotions.‘ Play with a Head’: The truth is that it is not always the best. This requires a cold mind and trying to leave ‘colors’ aside.

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Follow the game live. If we bet live, we are following the game somehow. If you watch the game and bet live in the meantime, it is one of the most fun and entertaining parts of sports betting. This allows us to have more direct and reliable information about what is happening and make safer bets.

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