Do you wanna spend winter in Dubai? If yes, then let me tell you some interesting facts about Dubai. Dubai is the symbol of art, architecture, and modern development. Due to its amazing development and amazing infrastructure, it becomes a popular tourist destination. Above all, it has the world’s largest mall, the world’s beautiful hotel, and much more.  Dubai fulfills all the requirements of enjoyment. If you want to learn more about Dubai do click here. Most people prefer to spend their holidays in Dubai because of its pleasant weather. 

But the question arises what things to do in Dubai during Winter Season? Let me tell you interesting things to do in Dubai in the Winter season. 

Things to Do in Dubai in Winter Season:

If you are in Dubai and wanna go to interesting things then you must visit these places given below. 

Desert Safari and dhow cruise Dubai Marina:

If you are looking for a thrill, fun, and amazing things then you must visit Desert Safari. Moreover, it is the most adventurous place to visit in Dubai. Enjoy your desert Safari with friends and family at such an amazing place. 

Desert Safari and dhow cruise Dubai Marina is the perfect combination that offers two places in one ticket. It will give you amazing dining offers, and entertainment. This amazing combo will make your holidays memorable. Above all, there are many luxuries which you will enjoy. You will enjoy the desert’s ancient tradition. You will get cold juice and Arabic tea on arrival. After some time they will offer you snacks and other things. Dubai nights are amazing and energetic and you will make a great memory there. If you want to know interesting things to do in Dubai then read more.

Do you think that this is only the place to visit? Then you are not right. Many things are coming in your way. 

Dubai Water Canal:

Dubai Water Canal added the attraction in the beauty of Dubai. Moreover, this canal meets Arabian Gulf. This amazing water canal has an amazing jogging track and a cycling track. But you have to visit this place after sunset because at day time the sun is at its peak. 

This amazing water canal brings great opportunity for development. Above all, the canal will appear great at night because it has lights at the edges. These stunning lights are powered by a solar panel, which will charge up during daylight. It will be worth going to the water canal in Dubai. 

Is it possible that you visit Dubai and didn’t visit Dubai Mall? No, it’s not possible. Let me share some thoughts related to Dubai. 

Dubai Mall:

The biggest mall is located at the foot of Burj Khalifa and covers a lot of space. Moreover, it gathers more visitors as compared to New York. Because Dubai has most of the tourists from all over the world. Besides this, it is an amazing place to visit and you can do window shopping for many hours. 

Wait! Wait! The list didn’t end here. There is another wonder given below. Let’s see what is that wonder. 

Burj Khalifa:

If you visit Dubai once in your life then you have to visit Burj khalifa. It is the most amazing place. It is the tallest place that is an iconic place in UAE. Moreover, it has 163 floors in Burj khalifa and it is 2717 feet long. Burj Khalifa has a park that is surrounded by a 27-acre floor. The most thing interesting about Burj khalifa is that it is three times taller than Eiffel Tower. You will be at top of the world when you reached the top of Burj Khalifa. So, what are you waiting for? Get a ticket and visit these amazing places. 


In short, these are things that you can do in Dubai when you visit in the winter season. Moreover, you will gather amazing memory there. Above all, Dubai has amazing places to visit due which it becomes tourist’s first choice. It is worth visiting Dubai and you will know the history of Dubai and its heritage. Furthermore, if you have a family then your children will enjoy the Dubai tour. Your visit will be worth going to. 

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