This article distinguishes solar powered water heaters on the basis of pressure. It further discusses their distinguishing features and elucidates their pros and cons in a bid to aid you make a wise selection as per your utility requirements. This read will comprehensively enlighten you on the suitability of low and high pressure water heaters in the modern house plumbing systems and structure.

Solar powered water heaters convert sun energy into heat energy that is used in heating water. With regard to pressure of tank-held water, solar powered heaters differ on basis of pressure. Some have high pressure which is often equated to that of water flowing from a tap, while others have pressure equated to water gravity hence referred to as low-pressure water heaters.

Solar powered low-pressure water heaters

The main features of this heater are vacuum tubes of glass directly linked to inter-connected tanks; a smaller tank on top of the other. There is a collector vacuum tube of glass as well as an insulated tank meant for storage. There are also stands which are optional. The tubes of glass are in direct sun exposure and hold water that is meant to be heated.


Affordability- This solar heater goes for a pocket friendly price due to its simple nature.

Longevity- It is considered durable due to little to no pressure exerted on the collectors and tanks.

Efficiency- It is most effective in the conversion of sun rays to heat energy.

Non-complex- Due to the absence of mobile parts, it is easy to assemble and use.

Independent- This heater does not require supplementary power as it is low on consumption thus can heat water on its own.


Poor aesthetics- It tends to tamper with the aesthetic appeal of your house when placed atop the roof.

Delicate- This heater requires careful handling as it is prone to easy breakages.

Confined to traditional systems of plumbing- Due to its lower pressure, it is of little to no utility in modern systems of plumbing.

Limitation in positioning- It requires to be placed at points higher than those of the building’s water outlets due it the low pressure of water.

Solar powered high-pressure water heaters

The main features include a heating enclosure consisting of tubes of copper indirectly linked to a tank. The tank is often found next to the heating enclosure in some heaters while under-roof in others. It is also comprised of heat pipes and evacuated tubes. The tubes function by absorbing and converting sun energy into heat energy that in turn heats the water. The heating fluid in tubes of copper is not used in heating the water.


The high pressure water heater does not interfere with the aesthetic value of your home since it does not require to be positioned at a high point.

It is as well-functional with modern systems of plumbing as with the traditional ones hence versatility.

Its flexibility with regard to position leaves you free for choice with regard proper positioning and accessibility.

Complementary functionality; with pre-fitted water pumps and storage tanks.


Costly, when compared to the lower pressure water heaters.

High power consumption which may necessitate supplementary power sources to operate.

It is essential to make a selection with regard to your plumbing systems and utility needs as opposed to price alone. The pressurized solar water heater comes well recommended due to its versatility and unlimited functionality.

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