Becoming a parent is a shared and cherished dream of every couple. Each stage of the parental journey is challenging yet an epitome of bliss for the parents. However, the most exciting and anxious period is perhaps that of pregnancy itself. During pregnancy, women face multiple bodily changes, and various things unusually appeal to them. Amidst this joyous journey, the essential measure is for the women to ensure good health and not neglect any body pain or other complications. The care a mother deserves should not be limited to the prenatal stage only but supervised post-delivery as well.

Realizing the need for essential Mothercare, many clinics have come up with various healthcare treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture, and more. A popularly emerging concept among healthcare services for pregnant women now is chiropractic care. This involves a holistic diagnosis and treatment approach toward musculoskeletal disorders and postural syndromes. The process of chiropractic care is primarily physical examination based, the focus of diagnosis on orthopedic and neurological components. Based on the assessment here, the patient is determined to be fit or not for manual therapy.

Broadly, chiropractic care could help patients with low back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, hip osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, migraine,cervicogenic headache, shoulder girdle pain/dysfunction, and more.

Bekken og Barn

Bekken og Barn is a leading multi-clinic chain operating in the Nordic region. With a special focus on facilitating good healthcare for pregnant women and children, Bekken og Barn has been operating since 2006 to provide over a hundred thousand treatments for children and an equally significant number of pelvis treatments. Their reputation derives from the quality care and treatment they supplement their patients before, during, and post-pregnancy. Otherwise put, the care facility follows during childbirth and childhood.

Bekken og Barn is reputable for offering multiple treatments, like chiropractic care, physiotherapy, pediatric physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopaths, and massage. They offer company agreements and lectures. Patients can also explore their online course option, where pregnant patients seek counseling and guidance with exercises, training tips, and pelvis care. The great feedback of such a course is backed at Bekken og Barn by specialists like chiropractors and physiotherapists who curate it.

Complete Care

Serving in the Westchester and Rockland County of New York, Complete Care is a family-owned and operated chiropractic clinic. Their organization hosts highly qualified and experienced doctors facilitating modern treatment services that address various health care needs. It’s also great for their staff to be bilingual, speaking English and Spanish. Their area of focus is chiropractic care, which is customized as per the patient’s needs. With excellent practice and dedication, Complete Care has found a loyal place in New York for about 17 years now.

Complete Care’s vision is to alleviate health issues primarily through natural ways. Their services include chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain management, and weight loss. They also facilitate joint mobilization to relieve nerve irritation and pain and offer rehabilitation plans.

Westmed Group

Westmed Group is a U.S-based health group offering a wide range of services. This multispecialty medical practice is run under the care of highly skilled physicians and clinical staff, ensuring quality care. Their treatments are dedicated to complete family care and their unique position arises from their ability to work collaboratively with experts representing more than sixty medical specialties and subspecialties.

At Westmed, patients can avail urgent and immediate care services. They offer treatments in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, allergy and immunology,

back and spine center, chiropractic medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, weight management, and much more. Their electronic medical record system further assists patients in keeping track of their health.

The Spine And Joint Centre

Operating since 2001 in Greenford, London- The Spine and Joint Centre is a chiropractic clinic whose dedicated practice has built them a reputation in chiropractic care. The center is committed to healing specifically stiff joints and removing spinal nerve irritation through drug-free treatment of chiropractic care. 

Through their practice, they claim to heal neck pain and associated disorders, back pain and sciatica, headaches and migraines, arthritis, and muscular issues. While the center doesn’t resort to unrealistic claims of a 100% guaranteed healing, they offer a care claim of a 7-day refund if found ineffective. The trust in their service indeed bears the trust of their patients.

Women’s health is an essential need and achieving it in an effective drug-free manner is a wonderful way forward. As such, chiropractic care is becoming increasingly popular. What, however, is pending to create greater awareness amongst patients suffering through issues that chiropractic can heal.  

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