Many people resort to pushing betting sites and sites solely for recreational reasons. But many others find exciting betting options to carry out certain strategies and mathematical formulas based on statistics and not so much thinking about the teams themselves.

So, to whether there is a magic formula for betting. We answer with a reasonably feasible option based on both mathematics on the one hand and statistics on the other.

Read on and find out how to bet on football on 22Bet UG without losing money (or very little).

                 The importance of mathematics in football betting

In this type of bet, the heart and favoritism are left aside, giving all the prominence to the numbers. How is this? Well, starting by objectively analyzing any league:

The average number of goals scored by each team in those days is calculated from these data.

And why do you want to know the goal average? Well, opt for such exciting options as “More than 2.5 Goals” in your bets, regardless of who marks them. And from this base, for those who decide to risk and risk more, try to hit the exact score.

This is just one of the possibilities that mathematics offers us in football betting. So we invite you to enter to learn more.

          And the statistics? Is it feasible to use statistics for your bets?

If you want to ensure profits and know the key to winning soccer bets, then use the statistics in your bets.

Its use is a practice with a high percentage of success. Always consider the other factors that make up the possibilities of achieving it from this significant tool.

Soccer statistics in our country are the goals a team has scored, the number of victories they have achieved in their stadium, their offensive ability when playing away from home, etc.

An example would be betting based on the average number of goals in the last 20 matches at the stadium where the match is to occur. It is a very viable bet and with enough chances of success. Whether it is profitable or not will depend on the fee and the different factors of the event.

                    Where can you find these football statistics?

On the one hand, ladies and gentlemen, on the Internet. Always considering several different portals to contrast the information, it is the definitive source of information today.

And on the other hand, bookmakers typically have a space or section where they inform us about the statistics of the different sporting events.

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