Google has become the number one search engine on the web. If you want to get found by potential customers, then you need to optimize your site for Google. This means optimizing your pages for keywords, creating unique titles and descriptions, and using relevant images.

There are over 2 million websites on the web today. How do you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in SEO (search engine optimization). We’ve been providing the best seo services that will definitely boost your site in search engines.

How to Rank Your Brand New Website on Google Easy Tactics to Know

If you want to rank your site search engine just follow these following steps;

Step 1: Create a Strong Description Tag

You’ve heard us talk about description tags before. They’re the tiny snippets of text that appear under each thumbnail image in its related SERPs listings.

In this step, we’re going to use the “Description” field on our homepage’s HTML editor to create some compelling copy for the tag. You need to type something short, catchy, clear and concise. It should be no longer than 160 characters, or approximately 4-6 sentences.

It’s important to keep your target audience in mind as well. What do they care about? Are they looking for information? Do they have questions? Write straight to them.

Step 2: Optimize Images

Images play a huge part in SEO. Every time an Internet user sees an image on a page, their brain will automatically make assumptions about the content in front of them.

Based on these assumptions, the individual may assume that the content is more valuable than other surrounding elements. By maximizing the quality of images on a page, users can easily grasp the point behind the content without clicking through to another page.

The best thing to do is test different size images with different URLs. Use tools like Gtmetrix, Screaming Frog, Page Speed Insights or Page 

Step 3: Make Sure Every Link Works

Every link on your website needs to work properly. There’s nothing worse than linking somewhere on your site, only to find that the destination does not exist or leads to a 404 error.

Make sure every single URL works, meaning that if someone clicks on it, they reach the correct place on your site. To avoid this problem, you must ensure that every URL on your site actually exists.

If a URL doesn’t direct to any specific page, consider removing that portion. Remember that you may lose traffic if you remove large chunks of content from your site. 

Step 4: Add LSI Keywords To Your Page

LSI keywords are simply words or phrases added to the beginning of your URL. This isn’t something you add in manually; no changes need to be made to your code. It’s an easy way to help improve your SEO by adding relevant terms to the root of your URL.

Step 5: Create Great Content That Users Want

When you’re creating great content that your visitors love, they’ll come back. Good articles, video tutorials and reviews will keep people visiting your website. However, if visitors feel you aren’t providing the type of information they want, they’ll leave.

Create useful content that your readers can benefit from. If you’re running out of ideas, visit websites like BuzzSumo, Quantcast and Social Mention. They allow you to discover what topics are currently being talked about online and the related news stories and blogs. From there, you can craft unique pieces of content or join discussion forums to learn more about the topic.


So, I hope that has helped you discover all the things you can do to increase your rankings!

Remember that rankings are fluid, but these five things above will definitely give you a jump start.

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