The fact is that medical emergencies can affect anyone and everyone and at any time. Not only those who have less immunity, but even those who are in fit, healthy shape are vulnerable to different types of serious diseases. New diseases are being reported every year, with the latest addition being Covid-19 after cancer. Without proper and timely treatment, people if all ages are found to succumb to such diseases! Moreover, being prolonged treatments and requiring specialised doctors and medical equipments, such treatments do invite lot of expenses. It is here that the comprehensive health insurance like health care plus insurance can curtail your worries considerably. You can now have peace of mind, relax and know where to approach for financial assistance especially when it is required the most. Your health insurance provider is bound to comply with your emergency needs provided the ailment suffered from and requiring treatment and hospitalization is covered in the policy. This way, the policy removes your financial burden during medical emergencies.

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs)

People these days lead a sedentary lifestyle. This has only contributed to further deterioration of health conditions. Hence, it has become all the more important to stay protected with a valid health insurance to tackle unforeseen medical emergencies.

CVDs are considered to be among the leading cause for mortality in the country. The predominant causes cited are Ischemic heart stroke and diseases. They are responsible for more than 80% CVD deaths.

Besides this, Indian Heart Association states that 50% of heart attacks tend to occur in men aged less than 50 years while 25% occur less than 40 years.

Increasing medical treatment expenditure is another challenge faced by people trying to get cure for different heart related disease. Heart care treatment is found to have increased exponentially over time. The general public is also unable to avail majority of the treatments as it beyond their financial means. Coronary angiography costs thousands of rupees, whereas open heart surgery runs into lakhs. Valve surgeries cost between Rs.2.5 & 4 lakhs. Therefore, to tackle such medical emergencies, the biggest support can be derived in the form of a valid health insurance taken from a reliable provider. You can safeguard your family members and yourself from increasing healthcare costs. You should select an insurance that is exclusively designed for cardiac care.

About cardiac health insurance

CVDs (Cardiovascular Disease) are stated to be among the primary reasons for increasing mortality in the country. Hence, to help the general population to cope up with such exorbitant heart treatment expenditure, health insurance has been introduced for Cardiac patients. These plans cover hospitalization expenses along with treatment procedures related to the insured’s cardiac conditions.

What are the key features offered by such plans?

These plans are known to cover expenses that tend to incur caused by cardiac ailments. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Fixed lump-sum payout: As a policyholder, you will be eligible to get fixed lump-sum amount irrespective of the expenses that you have incurred to carry out different diagnostic procedures while availing the treatment.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This insurance policy enables you to avail treatment coverage for extensive cardiac procedures and conditions.
  • Tax benefit: This policy is also eligible to avail Income Tax deductions, thus helping you to save precious money.
  • Income loss coverage: By availing this plan, you stand to enjoy getting compensation for income loss during your hospitalization time. Claim amount may be used for incurring household expenses during this time.

What is generally covered under this plan?

  • Pre & Post hospitalisation charges: The amount covered varies from one policy to the other. It also provides coverage for Pre-hospitalization like expenses borne before admission as well as Post-hospitalization like expenses borne after admission. This is offered for certain time frame.
  • In-hospitalization expenses: All expenses arising for over 24 hours from hospitalization treatment is covered.
  • Ambulance expenses: It allows moving heart patients to hospital from place of residence.
  • Domiciliary hospitalization: If patient is unable to reach the hospital to avail treatment or is unable to get any medical amenities or vacant bed at the hospital facility, then Domiciliary Hospitalization can be availed.
  • Daycare treatments: Some treatments might not necessitate hospitalization stay of over 24 hours and is covered under this plan.
  • Alternative treatments: Several alternative medical treatments like homeopathy, Ayush treatment, Siddha, Ayurveda and homeopathy may also be covered under this plan.
  • Refractive heart failure and Myocardial infection (1st heart attack): These treatments are covered according to the policy document or respective cardiologist’s diagnosis.

With Care Insurance, you can be assured of getting the very best treatment and enjoy having a long, disease-free and worry-free life. You know that your insurance provider will back you financially all the time to provide coverage for your covered medical expenses.

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