The first step of cleaning your outdoor furniture cover is to prepare the furniture. Remove the cushions from your patio furniture. If they removable covers, let them pop in the washing machine. Use a regular detergent to refresh them. Hang them outside or use your radiator for drying them. 

  • If you cannot remove the covers for a machine wash, you can use a mild detergent in some warm water for spot cleaning them. 
  • You can use a soft scrubber for working stains and marks away. Next, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Use soft towels for absorbing excess moisture before leaving the cover to dry.
  • Eliminate loose dirt that come in the form of cobwebs, dust, moss, muck, or fallen leaves from the furniture surface. Use your brush to remove stubborn debris.
  • You can use cordless vacuum cleaners or extension leads to do the needful. You can also use quality brush attachment to eliminate dust or thwart any such buildup.

Cleaning weather-wicker furniture

If your outdoor table cover is on outer sectionals and sofas, make sure the cleaning is on point. The furniture comprises 35% recycled materials. They are recyclable, which means your patio furniture now has a sustainable backdrop. The tools you need for cleaning your furniture are a bucket of warm water, soft bristle brush, gentle detergent or dish soap, and a garden hose.

  • After removing the fabric, cushions, and debris from the furniture, fill the bucket with lukewarm water. Mix it with a few drops of detergent or soap.
  • The next step is to loosen pollen and dirt. Start from the top and work your way down to dip your brush and rub the water inside the wicker’s weaves. Make the rubbing in alternating patterns. The up and down and back and forth strokes are important.
  • Continue the process until you scrub the entire piece of furniture. Keep changing the water throughout the process. The frequency of this change should be according to the need of the process.
  • Use your hose on a high-pressure, compact setting. The aim is to hose off any residue or remaining water and dirt.
  • The last step is to gently towel off moisture or excess water. Finally, let your furniture and cover dry up.

A note on the cleaning

Some outdoor table pillows and cushions entail removable covers. You can just toss them inside your washing machine. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing it. Air-drying the covers is imperative before putting them back on the tables, sofas, chairs, and armchairs.

  • To ensure a thorough vacuuming of the surface, use your upholstery attachment. It’s a great way to eliminate loose debris, dust, and dirt. 
  • Pay minute attention to crevices and seams that could tap and conceal dirt. Be careful with the buttons, edges, and other decorative components. 
  • If you don’t have a brush with soft bristles, you can buy one from a reputable store.

You can also use borax to make a cleaning solution. A dish detergent is a constant here. Do remember that scrubbing and cleaning are not the same things. 

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